Asus And Acer Reportedly Launching New Chromebooks This Year

Acer-Asus-LogoThe Laptop industry seems to be extremely active these days. One thing is for sure that under this immense competition that is prevailing in the Laptop’s industry, companies will have to bring in more innovation, better and newer technologies in their laptops in order to assure a steady reputation in the industry. Looks like Asus and Acer understand this and therefore are expected to launch new Chromebooks sometime this year.

The details of these two upcoming chromebooks have not been given as yet but we do have slight information to discuss. The Asus Chromebook is expected to be launched in the third or the fourth quarter of the year. We cannot elaborate further on the Asus Chromebook. As for the Acer Chromebook, it is expected to be launched in July. So to make an informed decision, one will have to wait till both the chromebooks are launched and then decide accordingly. The Acer Chromebook is expected to have an 11.6″ screen.

Before this, a major impact was put on the notebook industry when the Chromebook pixel was launched by Google. However, the ‘pixel’ was launched particularly for the elite as it was priced really high. It is believed that the prices of the upcoming models of the Chromebook will be less than those of the Chromebook pixel. Let’s wait and see how that goes.

Apart from Google, Asus and Acer, many other players are also trying to make their presence felt in the Chromebook industry. For example, recently there was news that Hp and Lenovo are also thinking of entering the Chromebook market by launching more Chromebooks of their respective companies.

While it is true that innovation is necessary, it must also be realized that the customers need a good reason to buy your product. For that to happen, companies must conduct thorough survey’s to learn what their customers require and then produce products tailored to their needs.


Source: Ubergizmo

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  1. Lenovo and HP already have Chromebooks on the market. Lenovo has the x131e Chromebook which is currently available only in the education sector, while HP has a 14″ Chromebook.

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