Aston Martin Aspire luxury Android smartphone unveiled

Aston Martin Aspire has recently been revealed by the company behind the production of many luxury cars. While the first thing everyone might think upon hearing the name of this smartphone is better performance, it may just bring too much disappointment especially to tech enthusiasts who are on the lookout for devices with higher specs.

The first thing everyone wants to know about when buying luxury smartphones is design. Hopefuls might not be disappointed with physical features of this device as it conforms or can relate to the designs of majority of Aston Martin cars. It will be offered in five colors; black, white, silver, gold and rose gold. All but black will get 24K gold plating. Just from the looks of it, anyone would know it is a luxury smartphone.

It may be able to receive good feedback for its overall design but it will definitely fail on any tech enthusiasts’ scorecard. Aston Martin Aspire sports a single-core, 800MHz processor. Had this handset been priced like entry-level devices, it will surely compete with Samsung Galaxy Y and LG Optimus One. With 256MB RAM and 800MHz processor, it surely performs like these two budget-friendly devices. And just by knowing the CPU and RAM of this device, we cannot really expect something better when it comes to its specs.

That said, Aston Martin Aspire will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it seems like it will be stuck with this OS forever knowing it comes with pretty low hardware specs. On a bright side, Gingerbread is the most stable Android version but you cannot just expect to enjoy the goodness Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean might offer.

Moreover, a 5MP primary camera will come with it plus a VGA secondary one. Users will have to use the space wisely because they’ll be getting 512 internal memory only, although there is a microSD slot that supports up to 32GB external memory. As far as connectivity is concerned, it has all necessary hardware to connect to 3G and WiFi networks, as well as GPS and Bluetooth.

The black one will be offered at $1290 and everything else will have 24K gold plating and offered at $1590. Upon purchase, owners will receive a huge leather box, 2 batteries with 1500 mAh each, a charger, Aston Martin headset and a leather pouch.

It may fail as performance smartphone but it surely does make a great impact on car collectors. But would you spend that much money for it? It was given specs of smartphones released two years ago but it’s a luxury phone. Would you sacrifice usability for luxury?