Aspiring Developers Here Are Some Developer Resources For You

Here at many of our readers are new Android users, Android enthusiasts and aspiring developers. You know those developers that are a little wet behind the ears or don’t feel like they can voice their opinions just yet, without being called a noob. Some of our readers are closet or hobby developers that are just pursuing their own interests at their own pace. We are always posting stories that may be perfect for that target.


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If you haven’t heard about the Android Homecoming yet than you need to check out this three day event, being held February 10-12th in Mountain View California, has a developer track that’s perfect for these kinds of developers. The track is called “From the bedroom to the board room” and some of the resources below will be there.

First off if you haven’t perused XDA or Communityrelease yet than you may want to check out both of those sites. They focus on developing, ROM’s, flashing ROMs and stay on the cutting edge of customization.

If you’re more interested in apps though than check out some of these resources.

appsbar: If you don’t really want to get into tinkering, coding and developing but you’re looking to take your online presence or other information into an easy to use, nice looking app you may want to consider appsbar.¬† Appsbar is a 1-2-3 do it yourself app developing platform. Once you’re finished your app they’ll even handle publishing it to the iOS App Store and the Android Market. They also released news this week that after the 1st of the year apps built with appsbar will also get HTML5 and Facebook versions. Find them here at

Now if you already have an app built in English (the American version of English) you may be looking to expand your app into other countries. If you don’t speak another language fluently and you’re not looking to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest Rosetta Stone you’ve got some resources that can help.

First off Tethras is a company that will help you translate your app into 40 different languages and the best part is you don’t need to know any of the languages. Once you get into Tethras’ program you’ll work 1 on 1 with a translator that will keep your app on a cloud based server so you and the translator can make sure the translation is right for what your app is trying to achieve. They’ll also help you make sure that the app flows just as well as it does in English. They can be found at

Despite having problems with Google and the actual Android Market, China is one of the fastest growing Android markets in the world. Last weekend at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, an Android panelist from DMC (who have a $100 million dollar Android fund) said that they see Android tablets replacing the game console there. Wow!¬† The9, a gaming company in China with ties to Open Feint, can help you get your app distributed to China’s 30 lucrative app markets and some of their top carriers. You can find out more about The9 here

Finally if you’re looking to monetize your app in a serious way you need to check out Millennial Media. Millennial Media is the mobile advertising platform. They offer rich media ads that offer engaging content and a ton of monetization options. We’re not talking about little text ads, many of Millennial’s ads are cool videos and even interactive games. If you’re any sort of developer you can take their survey here and visit them to learn more here.