ArenaNet bouts Guild Wars 2 Plagues, 1600 Bot Accounts Terminated

ArenaNet, developer of the recently-released fantasy MMO game Guild Wars 2, is currently addressing players’ latest mutual concerns associated with ‘botting’ activities in the game. To date, the game developer has already terminated more than 1,600 bot accounts since last week. The rate of bot accounts termination is expected to increase in the following days, as Anet continues to tackle the issue.


Anet has been receiving reports regarding virtual players who are botting during the game.

Internet bots, also known as web bots refer to software applications that automatically run over the web, performing tasks at a higher rate than human. In short, they carry out extraordinary things that humans cannot do.

Apparently, bots are becoming an epidemic in the game lately. They are plaguing on different servers, mining all available resources and filling up population of certain guilds. Eventually, the presence of these bots annoys real players, saying they are no fun to play with.

In an effort to uphold its promise of providing every GW2 player with the best possible in-game experience, ArenaNet quickly responded by getting rid of the existing bots they have detected. So far, GW2 developer has already eliminated over 1,600 bot accounts. Yet, this is just the beginning of the team’s anti-bot crusade.

Security coordinator Mike Lewis posted pertinent update on the recent botting issues, stating the team’s initial moves and plans to address these concerns.

Mr Lewis said they are currently monitoring the most common bots in use so they can continue to get rid of them from the game. While the team carries on gathering more information about these bots, they are also increasing the rate of account termination.

Players are therefore advised to immediately report any suspected botting activities in the game.

ArenaNet is also enhancing methods for better in-game bot activity detection. Automatic ‘bot’ detectors are created, including tools for verifying botting reports, designed for Anet customer support. These would help them issue account termination efficiently. Data specialists are recently hired to help Anet create more effective methods for botting reports analysis.

Mr Lewis also explained that these efforts also have direct bearing to third-party gold sellers’ activities as well as to spammers. In addition, Real Money Trading is now under close monitoring. Hundreds of gold spammers and sellers are actively being removed each day.

All these labors are in conjunction with Anet’s commitment to keep the Guild Wars 2 community free of bots and illegal gold sellers.

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  1. I got terminated playing a level 8 char, no team, and doing a heart mission. Can you tell me why?

  2. Hi,

    Arenanet is talking a good game but are they actually doing anything. The short answer is NO bot plagues are infesting level 80 zones and are growing in size. They get reported but arena net has not done anything to remove them over 8 days one such cluster has been infecting the cursed shore on tarnished coast. Arena net has allowed this to grow from one bot to an estimated 15 in this one area. Nothing has been done tomorrow we expect this cluster to be closer to 20

    Stop talking and do something arenanet

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