Apsalar Answers A Very Valuable Question For Mobile Developers: Now What?

Once a developer has taken the plunge, worked the kinks out in an idea, found an audience, developed a niche and an app and has gone all in to the mobile platform a very important question looms. Now What?

That’s where Apsalar comes in. Founded in 2010 and backed by some of the big names in the mobile and app space, Apsalar provides possibly the best insight into who’s using an app, who’s playing a game, how engaged they are and what kind of revenue they are generating. This is some of the most important information available to a developer. How important?

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As they roll into their second full year Apsalar already has over 2000 customers with over 45,000 mobile apps in multiple platform app stores. That’s good for over 20 million downloads.

Once Apsalar’s proprietary analytic tools analyze whose playing a game or using an app they can then group those users into cohorts of like minded users. That information can then be analyzed to see how much revenue each user is generating and than that group of cohorts. Apsalar puts that all together in their Mobile Engagement Management platform. ¬†Their platform is available to both Apple and Android developers.

Developers can take all this information and decide what to do next (hence the headline). Once the user traits and cohort groups are identified a developer can find more ways to monetize each group and each individual user. They can also use that information to figure out what apps to develop next or what kind of monetization they can use.

Many of the major game studios are moving from premium games to free to play games and monetizing with in app/game purchasing. Apsalars analytics platform can see what kind of person is playing a game, how far their going, and if they are using in app virtual currency to excel. Apsalar can also tell when a player has grown tired of paying with virtual currency which is very important to developers. A simple change like letting a player play another level before reupping with virtual currency could keep a player in the game a lot longer.

Apsalar will be at the Android Homecoming February 10th -12th teaching new developers how to get the most out of their engagement with Apsalar.