Appnation Live: Appsgeyser Could Very Well Be The Easiest Way To App

We are live at the Appnation conference and truth be told there are quite a few companies promoting the best way to make new apps. One of the ways that has caught our eye is Appsgeyser. We originally met Vicily from Appsgeyser at South By Southwest in Austin Texas last month when he started telling us about an easy way to do apps. Today that way is live!

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Looking at making a mobile app? Appsgeyser may be the way for you to go. According to their slogan you can make an app from “Any Web Content”.¬† We talked with Vicily from Appsgeyser who told us a little bit about this easy way to make mobile Android apps.

Simply use the Appsgeyser API’s and you can take any web content and make an app out of it. Their brief tour on their website shows you the steps to take and according to Appsgeyser the whole process can take 2 minutes. Once you’ve made your app and it hits 5,000 downloads you can apply for monetization through Appsgeyser.

The best part, Appsgeyser is free so if you’re a new developer check them out today here

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  1. This platform truly rocks. I don’t say that often. But, using @appsgeyser (which takes about 5 minutes to figure out), we now have Android apps in at least a dozen app stores including Amazon. If you’re building for mobile web and you want to have an Android presence without any pain and suffering, this is about the only game in town.

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