Apple’s Patent Lawyers Set Up Shop In Asia

Now that the Apple patent lawyers have disrupted Samsung’s Galaxy Tab plans in Europe they have set their sites on Asia. Apple has filed a patent lawsuit in Japan’s patent court. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, Apple had their first hearing yesterday in hopes of banning Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy 7.7.

It seems that Japan’s court system isn’t as open to information as the U.S. courts as a Tokyo court spokesperson declined to comment on any ongoing cases to Reuters. It’s also been reported, unlike other Apple filings, they are now seeking $1.3 million in damages from Samsung. When you’re talking about two billion dollar companies, 1.3 million doesn’t seem like that much however if it’s granted it will set a precedent for future patent filings by Apple.

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Both Samsung and Apple do very well in Japan and if granted, an injunction could have even more impact than that of Germany or the European Union.

Samsung actually sued Apple first in Japan back in April. This seemed like a preemptive measure as Samsung’s Galaxy S outsold the iPhone in Japan in the January-March.

Apple did not include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in their Japanese suit. This is a good thing for Japan’s NTT Docomo as they just started selling the 4G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 last week.

“We have heard from Samsung that it’s all right,” NTT Docomo President Ryuji Yamada told reporters at the launch when asked about the patent battles. “At this point we don’t think it will harm our sales.”

Source: Reuters


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  1. The insane amount of lawyer battles that go on with companies of this size is scary. It’s a constant war with lawsuits being thrown back and forth like crazy.

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