Apple Will Not Allow Windows 8 Devices To Get iTunes Says Microsoft


Apple will not allow Windows 8 devices to get iTunes says a Microsoft executive in his interview with CNN Money.

According to CNET, the Windows 8 operating system has no trouble running various iTunes apps. But Microsoft told their customers not to expect any iTunes app anytime soon because Apple will unlikely permit it. Well, that makes sense because the two have been bitter rivals since the past and the differences of the two tech giants are as clear as the dissimilarity of apples from oranges.

Windows 8 Apps on the Rise

Tami Reller, CFO of the Windows division of Microsoft, revealed that the coming holiday season will mark the support of the company to the most popular apps of the App Store. Starting that period, Microsoft will start offering the said apps of Apple in its own store.

So far, Microsoft already has more than 60,000 apps in its very own store. According to the news source, around 250 million app downloads has been listed by the Microsoft store. However, Reller pointed out that the most popular app that continues to evade their Windows 8 users is Apple’s iTunes which is the very famous source of music and video files globally.

Microsoft’s Welcome

The CFO explained that his company recognizes the high demand of customers for the iTunes app, which is definitely higher than their own Music app. That is the reason why they are asking Apple to allow them to offer it on their various devices. But he said that the approval of Apple is not yet at hand.

Using iTunes in Windows 8 Devices

Reller cleared out though that their avid PC and tablet consumers can still get to enjoy the services of iTunes. That is by entering “desktop mode” which is the conventional PC interface that runs on mouse and keyboard rather a touch screen interface.

Source: CNET