Apple to Release iPhone 5S with More Features; A Cheaper iPhone Likely too

Barely a month ago, there was a report online that suggested that Apple’s next iOS update will feature tons of features including a fingerprint scanner, a camera with more pixels and even re-arranged buttons for the iPhone.  This was in contrast to earlier reports which indicated that iPhone 5S may come with these features, but without major developments for the operating system.  Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets says that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner but there have been so many rumors going forth and back regarding it that it is hardtop believe anything anymore.

iPhone 5S

White wrote to investors that he believes this fingerprint technology is going to be marketed in the same way that Apple marketed Siri, the voice assistant for iOS that debuted with iPhone 4S.  this shows that Apple has the history and the will to launch major technologies even with small updates in devices.  The report went on to say that aside from the additional of the fingerprint scanner, improvement of the camera and the rearrangement of the left buttons to be slightly different, there will be no major changes to the iPhone built.

These predictions are not unachievable at all, considering that Apple just acquired a fingerprint scanning company called Authentec.  As the war of the smartphones heat up with Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S4 smartphone with tons of sensors and HTC’s new flagship smartphone HTC One already in pre-order, it is up to Apple to make a move that will give it an upper hand in the fight for high end smartphone market.

Low-budget iPhone To Launch with iPhone 5S In July

Apple has never been a company that targets the budget market in any of its products.  A rumor though that Apple may release a low budget version of iPhone that targets the low end market or the entry level smartphone users indicate that the company is changing its market strategy and may join the fray that is currently dominated by mid-range and entry-level Android devices.  Some may believe that Apple’s move to introduce a cheap iPhone in the market will help it be more appealing to the emerging markets that its competitors including Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows have control over thanks to a wide range of affordable products.

The idea that such a device is in works is just a rumor for now though, just like the rumor about Apple working on a larger screen device to compete in the high end large screen market against HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.  Topeka Capital Market’s analyst Brian White believes that Apple may launch a low-cost iPhone this July when it launches iPhone 5S.  However, even the date of launch itself seems a little odd considering that Apple has a history of releasing all its iPhones towards the end of a year – specifically targeting the holiday season.  In the past though, Apple has launched non-phone products in the middle of the year including iPad 4 and iPad mini.


Sources: Ubergizmo and PC Mag