Apple Sues Online Polish Deli Over The Name “”

Apple has taken a dive for the worse (if they already haven’t). The company is taking a Polish online deli business to court due to the websites name. Their website resides at “” with “pl” being Poland’s country-wide domain. Apple has argued that the name is way to similar to their own and that customers are getting confused when heading over to the website.

According to Polish news outlets, this trial could last several years before it will finally get resolved. I’m really not sure why it will take so long for Polish courts to throw the claim out the window. The Droid-Life did an awesome article on this and their commenters are even better. Some of my favorites:

Tomorrow’s News: Apple sues farmers for growing apples. Consumer’s thought they were purchasing actually Apple products at the grocery store and the 3 week shelf life was tarnishing their reputation. – Butters619

“Apple sues God for creation of apples.” – Mike

“Just ruled this morning, “It was proven that Newton used a patented product without the expressed written permission from Apple, therefore, Apple Computers is now solely recognized as discovering gravity” – Trumpet444

These lawsuits have just become ridiculous. If Apple followers don’t realize how insane and stupid this is, I am ashamed to be apart of this society. Thankfully Android users at least have a head on their shoulders (you Windows Phone guys do too!).

Also, what is up with all of this frivolous spending from Apple? Don’t they care about their bank account? Surely if they keep this up they will go bankrupt from the hundreds of lawsuits they file on a daily basis.

source: Droid Life