Apple preparing to revamp all product lines before next year


Apple is reportedly preparing to launch new versions of all its product lines, including a new iPhone, new MacBook Pro, new Mac, new Mac Pro, new iPod, new iPad and new iPad Mini.

The news comes as Tim Cook met with store leaders, detailing them on a very busy few months coming up to the end of the year, with the possibility of all Apple’s products redesigned for the year.

Tim still considers the Apple Stores a major success and one the company needs to keep working on. The iPhone is currently one of the least successful products in the Apple Store, with only 20% of people purchasing the phone through Apple.

Cook wants to change that with new initiatives to make users purchase an iPhone from the Apple Store, as the idea is once the user purchases an iPhone they will move onto an iPad and possibly a Mac.

Last year Apple revamped all lines with new products and while some were seen as merely small differences, others were a big change, like the iPhone 5. We can see the Mac Pro being one of the big winners this year, alongside the new iPad 5.

Source: 9to5mac