Apple mulls making larger iPhones

Apple is looking into creating larger iPhones with displays measuring 4.7-inches and 5.7-inches, according to a Reuters report. Furthermore, the Cupertino company is considering expanding its product lineup with more pocket-friendly models of the iPhone with several color choices. Reuters cites as its source four unnamed individuals who are said to be familiar with the matter.


This new approach, according to Reuters, is a response to Samsung’s own strategy of releasing handsets with different sizes and at different price points. To date, Samsung’s product line ranges from devices with small displays and entry-level specifications to those with large screens, called phablets, with premium features.

On the other hand, Apple typically releases only one smartphone model per year. This has caused the company to draw flak from critics, who claim that the company is not as pioneering as it used to be when co-founder Steve Jobs was still its head.

Meanwhile, Apple’s other product lines, such as the iPad and the iPod, are different from the iPhone in that these have different models that have varied price points.

Prior to the Reuters report, rumors regarding a phablet-sized iPhone have already been making its rounds. Last month, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statement at the AllThingsD conference made it clear that Apple is at least considering the possibility.

According to Cook, the fact that they have not released an iPhone with a different size does not mean that they cannot do so in the future.

Cook clarified that there would be issues to contend with once one decides to create a smartphone with a larger display. Among these would be the pixel display resolution, brightness, and battery life.

Moreover, Cook says that the situation with the iPad and the iPod is different. Such devices target several groups of consumers who have different requirements regarding their music players and tablets. Such distinction, however, still seems to be unclear when one considers the smartphone.

Reuter’s sources also revealed that Apple will begin the test production for the less expensive iPhone model as well as the regular iPhone in July. This will be followed by mass production in August, and finally, a launch in September.

Apple supposedly wanted to begin the test production this month, but wanted to ensure that the colors to be used are correct according to its standards.

via reuters