Apple Grasping At Straws Or Shall We Say, Cases?

On Monday morning in a German court Samsung’s lawyers went back to the drawing board and added more to their patent infringement case against Apple. On Tuesday Apple made a very interesting move in the land down under as they’ve added cases to their patent infringement case in Australia against Samsung.

No we aren’t talking about the casing for their actual phones we’re talking about the cases for the phones, as in after market accessories. Of course with some believing that the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones infringe on Apple’s designs, the cases would be close to the same design as well.

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Lest us not confuse similarity with actual infringement though. First off any iPhone case is going to have a 30 pin connector port opening at the bottom, verses the microUSB opening on a Samsung case.

Both Apple and Samsung have relatively small lines of accessories that they produce themselves. Aftermarket companies like Otterbox, Ballistic, Body Glove and Amzer supply the bulk of the cases seen on both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices.

In a seven hour hearing in the same Australian patent court that just ruled Samsung could sell Galaxy Tab 10.1’s, Apple laid out what they perceive to be evidence that Samsung manufactured cases infringe on 10 new Apple patents.

Samsung has a counter claim against Apple alleging that their iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPad 2 infringe on their patents governing wireless transmission on 3G networks.

source: Bloomberg via Phoneareana