Apple Eliminates Direct Book Purchases From Amazon And Barnes & Noble

Things just got a little tougher for Apple iPad and iPhone users with an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook account for their respective iPad/iPhone apps.

Earlier in the year Apple revamped their app store policies requiring any in app purchases to be within an app and not a link to a website or outside source.  Both Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS and Barnes & Noble’s Nook app for iOS would allow customers to peruse titles within their apps however to purchase the title they were taken to a website outside of the app to complete.  Now, with Apple’s new policy coming into action Amazon and Barnes & Noble are required to change their strategy.

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Amazon and Barnes & Noble have disabled the “buy” button in their apps for the time being.  Customers with current Kindle and Nook accounts can still read the e-books they purchased within the app but for now to add new books they must visit Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s actual websites within Safari.  Both book sellers fear that this process is too cumbersome for some of their customers who are used to a one click method to get their next book.

Apple has recently opened an iBook store which is currently the only way an person who likes e-books can read e-books and quickly purchase another e-book within an actual reading app. Google’s “Google Books” store on Android allows for quick purchasing and reading of e-books and they allow both Barnes & Noble and Amazon to have direct buy links within their applications.

source: adweek