Apple could soon launch a foldable iPad

We’ve heard all about Samsung’s foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, as well as slight mentions of a Huawei foldable device. However, it’s already looking like we could soon see a foldable device from Apple.

This report comes from analyst Jeff Lin. Lin says that the device Apple is working on will be similar to an iPad, but when unfolded, will be able to border Apple’s Mac laptops. As you might imagine, this bendy iPad will be running Apple’s next generation of A-Series chipsets, bringing hardware speeds that are faster than ever.

Lin indicates a 2020 release, but Apple is likely being careful here. There are tons of ideas that get rejected during the research and development process, but if this was a way to make the iPad even more portable than it already is, a bendy iPad could truly come to market.

It’ll be interesting to see how that will work in particular, especially as Apple tries to blur the lines between its iPad and MacBook laptops. A bendy iPad could be a complete MacBook replacement, if any of the above is true.

However, a big concern is going to be price. A Galaxy Fold sets you back around $1,980. We can’t even begin to imagine what a foldable iPad will actually look like.

source: UDN
via: Phone Arena

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