Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple vs Samsung Litigation Will Be Overturned

While Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, had a public appearance in Shanghai, China, he held an interview taking questions about the company that he co-founded. He spoke about topics mainly related to the iPhone 5 that was just revealed yesterday, along with topics about the Apple vs Samsung trial. In relation to the latter topic, Wozniak was very clear that he absolutely hates all of the litigation that is going on:

“I don’t think the decision of California will hold. And I don’t agree with it — very small things I don’t really call that innovative. I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.”

Wozniak’s ideas would definitely be accepted among many manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and HTC and could also save the millions of dollars in potential legal fees. It’s clear that Apple does not agree with this statement from Wozniak, at least not while companies are contending with Apple products. In other words, Apple will never agree to something like that. At least, until they begin feeling the burn. Also in the interview, Wozniak had mentioned something about the new iPhone and said, “I am always excited about every iPhone product because there are always good advances, a better quality on the pictures will mean a lot…” The iPhone 5 is very comparable to many other Android phones (on the basis that it’s an entry-level phone), but when all of the litigation is over, who knows who will be allowed to use what type of technology. That’s actually a scary thought. Hopefully this broken patent system will get fixed as soon as possible.


source: talk android