Apple Claims Samsung Galaxy Devices are Copies of iPhone and iPad

An Apple executive made a bold claim in front of the jury Friday, August 3rd, saying that Samsung had already acted upon its plan to copy the entire product line of Apple. Samsung Galaxy devices—both smartphones and tablets—are said to be clear copies Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The emphasis was given more on the design and overall user experience.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing at Apple testified in court on Friday accusing Samsung of blatantly copying Apple’s devices. Consequently, the South Korean manufacturer was able to take the lead in the competition by releasing devices that almost have the same design as with the ones Cupertino-based tech giant offers. To even attract more customers, Samsung reportedly copied several patented features from iOS; exactly the reason why the two companies are squaring off each other in court today.

When asked how he felt about Samsung’s way in taking the lead in the mobile market, Schiller said he was just shocked after seeing the overall characteristics of the first generation of Galaxy devices; at first glance, people could immediately mistaken them for iPhone.

There are two major options key players could do to take the lead in the booming mobile market, Apple’s lawyer said; to innovate or to copy. Samsung allegedly took the easier way to claim dominance by copying pre-existing designs and features of iPhone and iPad.

“Samsung has copied the entire design and user experience of Apple’s iPhone and iPad,” said lawyer Harold McElhinny who is representing Apple.

Naturally, the Korean phone maker countered such allegations by making claims that it was Apple who first copied its designs and not the other way around. One of the things the company cited in court as part of its innovations was the rounded rectangular design of its smartphones and tablets.

Apparently, Apple has the upper hand against Samsung in the recent patent case considering the fact that the Samsung has to prove to the jury that the long line of its Galaxy devices are a product of innovation. The latter’s counsel, however, is trying to make a point using “Sony style” argument accusing the former as being a hypocrite “who lets himself be inspired by another company’s designs but sues those who imitate his products,” according to the report from Foss Patents.

Samsung’s Sony style theory suggests that the iPhone was not also a result of innovation but by copying some of the designs of Sony Ericsson W950 Walkman Phone and the Sony K800i phone. This argument, however, has already been excluded from the case by judge Grewal.

To counter this and to clear the mind of the jury, Apple brought Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS, to the witness stand to narrate how Apple’s premium mobile operating system was conceived and developed. He added that he never directed anyone from his team to copy anything from Samsung.

“I never directed anyone to copy anything from Samsung…We wanted to build something great, and we thought we could build something better than anyone had built. There was no reason to look to them on this,” Forstall said to conclude his testimony at the trial on Friday.

Samsung is just one of the companies Apple is battling in court over patent-related cases. In fact, Apple’s lawyers are to get real busy because there will be four Android-related patent trials within this month. Reports also suggest that the company is already preparing to sue Samsung over patents infringed by Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus devices.

But despite all these, both companies haven’t lost sight of the real competition in the market. Recent reports say Samsung Galaxy Note II may be released earlier than iPhone 5.