Appcelerator Releases Titanium Studio For Cross Platform Devices

The great folks at Appcelerator have created a new tool that makes creating cross-platform applications a breeze, and that breeze is in the cloud.  Appcelerator’s new “Titanium Studio”.

Titanium Studio promises to allow companies “…the ability to rapidly create rich cloud-connected applications using their existing web teams and is based on the patent-pending development technology acquired from Aptana™ earlier this year…” Appcelerator said in a release earlier today.

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Earlier this year at Appnation one of the themes seemed to be to break down the walls between platforms instead of “multi-platform” apps, produce true “cross platform” apps so that companies and development houses don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time a new OS comes out or an OS’ popularity warrants it’s own version.  Titanium Studio allows web developers to build, test, and deploy Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC, Mac, Linux and HTML5 apps in the same single development environment.

Appcelerator also promises to ease the pain of certifying apps for multiple app stores and markets.

“Our goal is to enable rapid innovation for the cloud-connected enterprise by providing an integrated solution for mobile, desktop, and web development,” explained Jeff Haynie, CEO, Appcelerator. “Titanium Studio delivers on this promise by enhancing developer productivity, improving application quality, and easing integration with the cloud.”

Titanium Studio is currently free. For more information Click Here

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