App Spotlight: Sign My Pad

Sign my pad for Android tablets has to be one of the most useful apps for anyone who needs to sign something electronically, especially if you travel.  Sign my pad started out as an iPad app and has now successfully been brought over to Android.

The premise is really simple, someone sends over a pdf form that needs to be filled out or signed, you simply import it into sign my pad and then you are free to annotate or sign the pdf, re-save it as a pdf and email it back to the person that needs it. Long gone are the days where you need to print something, sign something, scan something, attach it and email it back. Or heaven forbid go to the UPS store and pay $1.50 per page to send a fax back.

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This app is great for lawyers, doctors and real estate agents but it’s also useful for anyone in the world who needs to sign something. The regular version of Sign My pad is just $3.99 in the Android market but it’s definitely worth it if you are the document signing type. There is a pro version in the market as well for $19.99 it adds the ability to red line items in the pdf your signing. It also uses GPS data tagging that can go into the meta data of the pdf when you save it and send it back via email.

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