App Spotlight: Expensify

Business trips are a necessary evil that cost the traveling business person more than just money. Time spent away from loved ones can’t be replaced, and neither can the time that the travelers spends collecting receipts for reimbursement. The former issue is a hard problem to solve, but the expense report stress can be eased with Exspensify.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

This is an app that allows the user to streamline their expense report by putting it all online, and removing the need for paper receipts. The app will keep track of petty cash expenses, receipts, the mileage driven, and will even take note of any business cards. This is all done through Expensify’s own website, to which all records of expenses will be sent so the user can relax.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Upon returning home all the information will be waiting to be dealt with, allowing the user to build an expense report as they see fit.The report can be processed in PDF format, which can then be emailed to the correct party. After a lengthy business trip people should be spending time with those they have missed, not with a pile of thermal paper. Give the app a try; it may be worth the time.

2 Replies to “App Spotlight: Expensify”

  1. I like this…I’d certainly rather spend time with my loved ones than a “pile of thermal paper”!

  2. How great!
    We waste so much time in our office looking for lost receipts and trying to remember what the expense was for.
    This would be such a time saver! and make the end of the month reporting so much easier and accurate!

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