App Of The Week: APPY Geek

In the tech world, news is one of the most important things to stay up to date on, especially with everything happening so quickly. August  has been one of the biggest months in the tech world this year, with Google picking up Motorola and Steve Jobs resigning, and if you stay out of the loop for just one day you can miss a ton of stuff. There are several sites and blogs that cover all of this, and APPY Geek is an app that helps you stay on top of everything, all the time.

APPY Geek is a news app that pulls everything you could ask for into one experience. Whether it’s Android news, app news, or anything that has to do with technology, APPY Geek is partnered many of the top sites to bring you all of the latest news. You can even have notifications set to alert you every time something is posted so you know exactly when things are happening. You can view all of the top stories from a day, picked by the team at APPY Geek, and you can also view all the news from the day. Both of these can be narrowed down to what you want to see, and you can choose what to be notified for. After using the app extensively, I can say I haven’t found a time where an important story or event wasn’t found in APPY Geek’s feed.

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APPY Geek isn’t just your everyday RSS reader, and in reality, it’s much more than just an RSS reader. APPY Geek has a section of the app called “My News”, and in my opinion, this is where the app really shines. You choose your favorite topics from the choices, and believe me they have everything. Once you choose all of your topics, the app will show you a grid of pictures, each containing the articles posted about the certain topic. There is an unread count that is continually ticking with new articles to read. As you read and skip through different articles, the app will also learn which articles you seem to prefer, and start to give you the most important articles first. The entire app is built around the idea of giving you your news when you want it. You can read about just about anything, and the app really pulls it together nicely.

Not only does the app function well, but it is pretty. As you begin to read you will notice the pretty animations of articles “dropping” on the screen, and the silky-smooth scrolling between reads. The app gives tips on how to work everything, and really lays the whole experience out in front of you. Once you start to really use the app you will the app will learn your tastes, and you will most likely find your self coming back more and more. APPY Geek is a fantastic app that really gets the job done, with little problems. You get right to what you want to read, and the services that pull news really make it easy to read the most important news when you need to, and stay up to date with everything. The app is available in the Market for free, with an option to upgrade to premium and remove ads. This app is available for Honeycomb tablets as well as phones, with both versions working fabulously. APPY Geek is a great app that is definitely worth a download, and that is why it is this week’s App of the Week.

about the writer: Elijah Ketchum is a 16 year old sophomore in High School in Cincinnati OH. His Android experience started with the Motorola Droid and his since upgraded to the HTC Thunderbolt. He enjoys everything about Android and convincing his iPhone fan boy classmates to switch. He recently convinced his father, a long term Blackberry user to switch to a Motorola Droid X. Like Elijah’s writing? Have questions? email [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @ElijahIsMe & @thedroidboy