App for Bikers, Hikers & Runners by Google – MyTracks 2.0 GPS for Android

MyTracks for Android is a free app for Android users. Although, it is one of Google’s lesser known apps for its Android devices, but in fact it is a very useful tool for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and biking. In simple, this app allows users to keep track of their outdoor activities. Google itself with Team HTC-Columbia is using this app during the Tour de France race in order to track their team riders during this race event.

The latest free version of this app was launched a few days ago. Version 2.0 of this app is now introducing new user interface along with support features that allows users to play back their recorded data in Google Earth for Android. Moreover, this version has improved charts as well as additional statistics for evaluating performance trends is also a new feature that will allow outdoor enthusiasts to evaluate their performance.

Having this app on your Android smart phone or tablet is surely going to help users in not just evaluating their performance, but also in finding better routes to take in order to get the best from their outdoor activities. Although, we are not sure, if this app will suggest users routes based on the data it collects from other user’s experiences, but it is surely something we can hope for, if it is not already in this app.

MyTracks was launched back in 2009 and after a year of its launch, Google open sourced its code. One might think that there are plenty of mobile based GPS apps and that is correct because there are hundreds of GPS apps for most mobile platforms. However, what Google is offering is pretty competitive as compared to the GPS apps already available in the market. Since, MyTracks is designed for multiple sports, it gives it an edge over the more specialized apps that are available in the Google Play store, so in simple words, this app is better than most of the similar apps you will find there.

MyTracks app is compatible with a number of a third party sensors, just like many of its competitors. Third party sensors such as Polar Wear Link Bluetooth heart rate monitors and the Zephyr HxM are compatible with this app. This app also supports the ANT+ compatible sensors as well. However, you will need to own one of the few ANT+ compatible phones in order to make it work over there.

The data that is recorded via this app can be exported as standard TCX, CSV, KML, and GPX files. Moreover, users can not only virtually see their data on Google Maps, Google Fusion Tables, and Google Docs, but they also have the option of sharing their routes via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms. So, you can say that your secret hiking tracks are not that secret anymore, if you want to, because now you can share your tracks and your outdoor details with this app with other outdoor enthusiasts just like yourself.