How To Fix Apex Legends Error Code 104 [New & Updated 2023]

Apex Legends error code 104 is a common issue players encounter while trying to access the game on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. This glitch has the potential to ruin the experience for the player.

However, several troubleshooting steps can help resolve this error and get you back into the action-packed world of Apex Legends. 

This article will explore effective methods to fix Apex Legends error code 104 on Xbox and PlayStation. By following these steps, you can overcome the error and continue your gaming experience without interruptions.

What does Apex Legends error code 104 mean?

Apex Legends Error 104 is a common issue players encounter on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It typically occurs when connectivity problems or server issues prevent players from accessing the game. Resolving this error requires performing a series of troubleshooting steps to ensure a stable and uninterrupted gaming experience. This article will explore effective methods to fix Apex Legends Error 104 on Xbox and PlayStation.

What are the common reasons for the Apex Legends error code 104?

Apex Legends error code 104 can occur due to several factors that disrupt the connection between your gaming platform (Xbox or PlayStation) and the game servers. The most typical reasons for this mistake are as follows:

1. Network Issues: Instability or interruptions in your internet connection can lead to error code 104. This can include slow or unreliable internet speeds, network congestion, or issues with your router or modem.

2. Server Maintenance: The game servers may undergo scheduled maintenance or updates, during which access to the game can be temporarily restricted. Error code 104 may appear if you try to connect during these maintenance periods.

3. Console-Specific Compatibility: Certain console-specific compatibility issues can sometimes trigger Apex Legends error code 104. This could be due to outdated firmware, conflicting settings, or hardware limitations on your Xbox or PlayStation.

5. Game File Corruption: Corrupted game files can disrupt the proper functioning of Apex Legends and lead to error code 104. This can happen due to incomplete downloads, interrupted updates, or other file-related issues.

How to fix Apex Legends error code 104?

Fix #1: Check the Apex Legends Server Status

Before attempting any troubleshooting, it’s essential to verify the server status of Apex Legends. Visit the official Apex Legends server status page or community forums to determine if there are any ongoing server issues or maintenance activities that could be causing Error 104.

Apex Legends error code 104

Alternatively, you can visit the social media page of Apex Legends or Respawn to get real-time updates.

Fix #2: Restart your Console

A simple but often effective solution is to restart your Xbox or PlayStation console. Power off the console completely, unplug it from the power source, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Power on the console and launch Apex Legends to see if the error is resolved.

Fix #3: Check your network connection

Ensure that your Xbox or PlayStation is connected to a stable network. If you’re having connectivity issues using Wi-Fi, try using a cable connection instead.

Apex Legends wired connection

If your network is acting up, try restarting your modem or router.

Fix #4: Clear the console cache

Clearing your Xbox or PlayStation cache can help resolve various game-related issues, including Error 104. The process for clearing the cache differs between the two consoles:

For Xbox:

  1. Press and hold for 10 seconds the power button on the console and wait until it shuts down.
  2. Then, unplug the console’s power supply from the wall.
  3. Restart the console.

For PlayStation:

Safe mode Update System software 1
  1. Turn off the PlayStation completely.
  2. After turning off the system, keep the power button down for around 7 seconds. Once you hear a second beep, release the button.
  3. To enter Safe Mode, plug the controller into the PS4 and hit the PlayStation button.
  4. Choose the “Rebuild Database” option and wait for the process to complete.

Fix #5: Reinstall Apex Legends

If all else fails, you can reinstall Apex Legends on your Xbox or PlayStation. You should follow the platform’s guidelines for reinstalling the game after uninstalling it from your console.


What does Apex Legends error code 104 mean?

Apex Legends error code 104 typically indicates a connection issue between your gaming platform (Xbox or PlayStation) and the game servers. It can occur for various reasons, such as network problems or server maintenance.

How can I fix Apex Legends error code 104 on Xbox/PlayStation?

To fix error code 104, you can try several troubleshooting steps. These include checking your internet connection, restarting your console, clearing your cache, and ensuring the game is up to date. You may also try calling your internet service provider for help or resetting your router.

Why am I getting error code 104 only in Apex Legends?

Error code 104 may be specific to Apex Legends due to certain game server issues or compatibility problems with your console. Following the troubleshooting steps provided is important to resolve the error and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Are there any server issues causing error code 104?

Sometimes Apex Legends experiences server issues that can result in error code 104. In these situations, players should check the official Apex Legends forums or social media to see if any issues have been reported with the game’s servers.

Do I need to reinstall Apex Legends to fix error code 104?

Reinstalling the game should be considered as a last resort. Before doing so, try the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier, as they are more likely to resolve the error. It can take a long time, and reinstalling the game isn’t a guarantee that the problem will be fixed.
Remember, if you continue to experience error code 104 even after attempting the troubleshooting steps, it may be helpful to reach out to the official Apex Legends support channels for further assistance.

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