AOSP supported Nexus devices get Android 4.2.2 binaries

Adnroid 4.2.2 binaries for AOSP Nexus devices

If you are an Android custom ROM developer and have a few of the awesome Nexus devices lying around, well, Google just gave you a good present, and this is in the form of Android 4.2.2 binaries for almost all of the Nexus devices. This has been long waited for and it is finally here. This means that we will be more custom ROMs based on the latest and the greatest version of Android for these Nexus devices, and this is for AOSP supported Nexus devices only.

There are a lot of Android 4.2.1 based custom ROMs out there already and the new update will mean that we will be seeing a lot of new and updated custom ROMs. And there are chances that other smart phones might also benefit from this release. I have been using a custom ROM on my International Samsung Galaxy S III for a few months now, and this custom ROM was integrated and upgraded with Android 4.2.2 very quickly after the Android 4.2.2 binaries got released.

Even though the update cycle of Android is not related to or competing with that of Apple’s iOS update cycles, it is interesting to know that the bug that it had created in the iOS 6.1.1 update is very dangerous. The company had introduced a bug in the lock screen of the iPhone smart phone that used this release of the operating system which let users bypass the lock screen even if it was protected with a passcode.

This lets intruders easily log into the smart phone of other and access very important and private data such as contacts, gallery, and other. This kind of issue has not yet struck the Android operating system, but there is always the problem of malware in the Android Play Store. This is the only thing I resent in the Android ecosystem, everything else is so awesome, and proper, and sensible.

Source: Engadget