Another Samsung’s accusation on Apple rejected in Japan

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has been going on for more than a year and in around ten countries. The Cupertino tech giant has won the majority of these lawsuits against Samsung, but Samsung is not sitting quiet. The South Korean Android smart phone giant has filed a few patent infringement cases against Apple, in Japan and the UK. And it looks like the South Korean tech giant might get a chance to laugh a bit at Apple, since the UK court ruling did actually was in favor of Galaxy maker.

Also, there is the California case that Samsung had filed against Apple related to more patent infringement. But this is still pending. And since this is a $1 billion worth case. So the company still has a chance to get all the money back it gave to Apple.

Samsung has filed three cases against Apple in Japan, and two out of these three are related to the comparatively older Apple iPhone 4S. But unfortunately, these two cases have already been dismissed by the Japanese courts. Earlier this year, Judge Tamotsu Shoji rejected a series of Apple’s accusations against Samsung regarding music and video data syncing patents. The Judge said that none of the Galaxy branded smart phones from the stables of the South Korean tech giant has infringed these patents.

Also, the Tokyo District Court has rejected Samsung’s claims that the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S have infringed Samsung’s patents related to the airplane mode and add downloads. The reasons given for the rejections were that the technologies used by Apple and Samsung on their respective smart phones in the patents were different and that the features found on Apple’s smart phones are just extensions of the company’s earlier innovations.

The third patent is regarding the space used on the home screen on the iPhones, and Samsung says that Apple has violated that patent as well. It seems that the court in Japan has rejected this accusation as well, but since the courts in Japan do not reveal the exact thing, this is not yet confirmed.

Source: Android Authority