Angry Birds Rio For Android Releasing Exclusively Through Amazon

If you remember back to when the Angry Birds, ad supported edition, arrived at Android, it was first introduced via Getjar, one of the largest independent app distribution channels in the world.

Well Rovio has now announced that the next incarnation of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, will be released exclusively via the new (soon to be introduced) Amazon App Store.

Angry Birds Rio is a joint release with 20th Century Fox whose animated feature, Rio, adds more characters to the popular game.¬† Rovio has said this will be the first ad-free version of Angry Birds for Android, and that may be the key reason they went with Amazon instead of Get Jar, as Get Jar does not carry “paid for” apps. Rovio also said that they would widen distribution and have an ad supported version of Angry Birds Rio as well.

The way it stands now, AT&T customers may not be able to enjoy Angry Birds Rio during the exclusive period with Amazon. AT&T Android users can only use games purchased from the Android Market.

While they said no specific date for Angry Birds Rio For Android or the release of the Amazon App Store, an iPhone version is expected sometime next week so hopefully we will see it on Android next week as well.

Source: Mobile Business Briefing