Angry Birds Hits 50 Million Downloads In 35 Days Fastest Growing Mobile Game In History

While it looked like Zynga may edge out Rovio Mobile with hits like “Draw Something” and “Words With Friends”, Rovio quickly bounced back with their smash hit Angry Birds Space.

The hype and momentum building up to the release last month of Angry Birds Space, was at levels near nauseum. There were a bunch of journalists, bloggers and analysts wondering if the new space themed version of the franchise was going to be good enough to be a new hit.  Well it looks like it was.

Rovio Mobile, the developer of Angry Birds Space and the entire Angry Birds Franchise, announced Monday that they had done 50 million downloads across all platforms. According to the Finland based company that’s good enough for the record of “fastest growing mobile game”.

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Angry Birds Space proved to be almost a new game in it’s entirety. Outside of the new space theme, physics aspects of space, like weightlessness and zero gravity were built in to the game play. The levels were uniquely different than any other version of the game.

Rovio Mobile had teamed up with 20th Century Fox last year for a version of AngryBirds based on their animated movie Rio. The game play on that was similar to the original however it had an entire graphic makeover, which some felt was more aesthetically pleasing than previous versions.

Rovio Mobile was ready for the popularity of Angry Birds Space. They released the game on every platform on the same day, which undoubtedly helped with the success of the game.

source: GeekWire