Angry Birds Appearing In Superbowl Ad With Special Unlock Code

We can say Superbowl in this story because Rovio’s Angrybirds franchise will be featured in an advertisement in this years Super Bowl.  Although Rovio Mobile has been doing better than awesome this year, 20th Century Fox is picking up the tab for this $3 million dollar ad to promote the upcoming animated feature Rio.

Rovio and 20th Century Fox announced late last week that they would be releasing a version of the popular game based on the movie “Rio” where the Angry Birds join the two Macaws that star in Rio.  The game will be released on March 22, 2011 when the movie premieres in Rio De Janeiro.

To promote the movie, 20th Century Fox has a :30 second spot in the fourth quarter featuring the Angry Birds and Blue & Jewel from the movie.  They are also promising an “unlock code” in the commercial for Angry Birds fans to get a special treat with the game. They are calling it an embedded code to direct Angry Birds players to unlock a special level in the game.

According to this will be the first commercial ever that requires to pause the commercial and go frame by frame to track down the code. Once Angry Birds players have the code, it will circulate around the internet like wildfire. The players will then enter it to unlock a secret level. Once the level is completed they will be directed to a special website and registered into a contest to win a trip to see the premiere of “Rio” in Rio de Janeiro.

Here’s The Trailer no need to pause it the code isn’t coming until Sunday, fourth quarter


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