Android wordmark reportedly getting a redesign

Android Wear

The Android logo or the wordmark as it is known has been relatively unchanged over the course of the years. But a new leak has hinted that the day might finally be near when this gets a redesign as well.

A video containing the alleged boot animation of the LG G Watch reveals this new design at the end. Evidently, there aren’t a lot of changes here with the words being in lowercase and receiving a slight change in font as well.

Overall the new redesign looks simple and true to the Android nature, so it’s certainly a welcome addition. But since this is coming from an unconfirmed leak, we’ll treat it as a rumor for the time being.

Perhaps we’ll get a better idea of this new wordmark at the upcoming Google I/O event where the company is expected to discuss Android Wear in detail. With Motorola and LG already committed to launching smartwatches with this new OS, we can expect many more manufacturers to join the list in the coming months.

Source: @UpLeaks – Twitter

Via: The Verge