Android Tablets To Become The “Go To Gaming Console” In China?

DCM's David Chao Expects Android Tablets To Become The Go To Gaming Device In China

We recently reported that Gamestop was going to test market Android tablets by Samsung, Asus and Acer in 200 of their stores. Their plan is to couple the Android powered tablets with a controller offering from Gamestop that gives users access to gaming content in the cloud.

Fast forward to Sunday and Tech Crunch Bejing, and it seems that the general consensus at their “Android Fever” panel is that Android, is  of course winning. TechCrunch’s chief gadget guru, our friend, John Biggs, reported that  panel which consisted of Wang Hua of Innovation Works, John Lagerling, Director of Global Partnerships at Google, and David Chao of DCM.

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David Chao, who’s DCM is offering the $100 million dollar Android fund, which directly takes on Kleiner Perkins $200 million dollar iPhone fund, “Nobody is making money on Android software in China,” he said. “But over the next two or three years it’s going to be one of the most lucrative properties.” (source: TechCrunch)

Chao, like many others, equates Android vs Apple to the Microsoft vs Apple war of the 80’s. Where Android is winning because there is so much variety and pricing points while Apple stays with their one track, start to finish, ecosystem.  Chao did make one startling prediction, as Biggs reports, Chao has said he expects Android tablets to become the go to gaming console in China.  Wow.

Source: TechCrunch