Android Social Networking Site: launches

The other day we received an email inviting us to join in our email box. It was from someone I had talked to before, Eric Richardson, when he was helping to organize an Android meet up in DC back in October so I checked it out. seems to be the first “social network community for Android users.  It started off as an idea Richardson bounced off twitter “Would anyone join a social network for Android users” Richardson’s responses were positive so he decided to try and make it happen. In an interview with thedroidguy

Richardson made a really good point, everyone has a facebook but you can’t always geek out about Android on Facebook.  I have two facebooks, one for TDG and one for me so I can kind of separate it however the Android and Tech geek in me does get going on Facebook evevery now and then.  But if you’re like me I’ve got a slew of friends from my high school days, colleagues from my previous career in radio, and family who probably don’t want their walls littered with the ramblings of thedroidguy. is a a more personal social site for Android fans.  The center piece is a live chatroom that has consistently had 20+ users in it since Iamandroid opened and so far there hasn’t been any flaming.  As a site independent from the mass media Android sites like Phandroid, Androidcentral and even Thedroidguy, there’s no pressure to conform to that sites views or guidelines, and no worries that an editor may jump in and dump a post or two.

Richardson admits he didn’t go at this alone. After the idea started rolling Droidhead_Ryan and Stuart Robert Foy joined Richardson to bring to the interwebs.  Droidhead_Ryan has been instrumental in marketing to the masses

Richardson wants to keep it open to anyone who loves Android.  When asked about monetization Richardson replied

No. Not unless I suddenly get abducted and replaced by a body snatcher, or if it gets too big, I suppose. I didn’t make this to get rich. Its possible that there may be a donate link at some point ( I am a college student, after all) but for now I’m happy with it the way it is. Ad free and all. Besides, my adsense account is locked.

If you haven’t checked it out yet be sure you do.  This isnt the only big community member news this week.  Earlier this week Greg Carron and Matthew Patience formerly announced Coding Green Robots.  Also Ray Walters, Aaron Kasten and the crews at AGTNFTW and put on one heck of a charity event in pongforhope.

What a great community right?

Sign up for  here

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  1. Iamandroid is my favorite site ever! I am going to use your post for part of my research paper for school. They let us pick our topic, and somehow Android was on my mind, lol.

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