With all the constant updates and compatibility issues, we understand that you might come across issues with your Android device.  TheDroidGuy has been listening to the users with the most common issues and have gathered the best solutions for the problems you may come across.

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  1. How do you recover photos after resetting Galaxy S7 back to factory default settings ? I recovered my contacts but not photos.

  2. Please remember not everyone uses Facebook (or Twitter). I don’t, but thanks to your brilliant articles/website I managed to fix my bricked HTC10, for which I am VERY grateful.

  3. I dropped my galaxy tablet 10.1 I pressed the on button and the volume button at the same time and all as I get is do not turn off target

  4. My batter is stuck on %47 and when i go to charge it it has a yellow! Mark inside the triangle? How do i fix this

  5. Hey,
    I’ve got Samsung note 3 and whenever I selectively wish to to delete a few photos, it starts deleting all of them. By the time I cancel that it has deleted most of them. I’m really frustrated at its malfunctioning cause it’s deleting some very important memories as well.
    Please help me fix it.

  6. I have recently downloaded RB digital app. I have checked out a book but I can not get the audio to play. Every time I hit the play button I get “playing failed” what should I do?

  7. Samsung S5 Active Not Connecting to wifi
    I’ve been at a campground where I have internet access, the internet was working perfectly fine until they added a sign-in requirement to get on the wifi. My phone never was asked to sign in. I can’t connect to the wifi. It won’t say “Obtaining Ip Address” , it would say “Authentication Error Occured” or it simply would just wont connect, EVEN IF I SPAM IT. I’ve tried on my xbox, it sends me to the site and I check the terms and agreements and it connects, my families phones connects and works FINE. But mine wont

  8. Shyquan that’s usually an issue with WiFi calling, make sure it’s turned off and that you have preferred network selected under the data

  9. I have 6edge +. Last night I received a text message and I lost all contacts out of my phone and the font in messages changed size. My contacts aren’t in my Samsung account, cloud, or google!!! HELP!!!

  10. I can’t hear people when they call me or when I call them but say I call them using the Facebook app i can hear them and they can hear me all other sounds work fine on my phone please help

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