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  1. How do you recover photos after resetting Galaxy S7 back to factory default settings ? I recovered my contacts but not photos.

  2. Please remember not everyone uses Facebook (or Twitter). I don’t, but thanks to your brilliant articles/website I managed to fix my bricked HTC10, for which I am VERY grateful.

  3. I dropped my galaxy tablet 10.1 I pressed the on button and the volume button at the same time and all as I get is do not turn off target

  4. My batter is stuck on %47 and when i go to charge it it has a yellow! Mark inside the triangle? How do i fix this

  5. Hey,
    I’ve got Samsung note 3 and whenever I selectively wish to to delete a few photos, it starts deleting all of them. By the time I cancel that it has deleted most of them. I’m really frustrated at its malfunctioning cause it’s deleting some very important memories as well.
    Please help me fix it.

  6. I have recently downloaded RB digital app. I have checked out a book but I can not get the audio to play. Every time I hit the play button I get “playing failed” what should I do?

  7. Samsung S5 Active Not Connecting to wifi
    I’ve been at a campground where I have internet access, the internet was working perfectly fine until they added a sign-in requirement to get on the wifi. My phone never was asked to sign in. I can’t connect to the wifi. It won’t say “Obtaining Ip Address” , it would say “Authentication Error Occured” or it simply would just wont connect, EVEN IF I SPAM IT. I’ve tried on my xbox, it sends me to the site and I check the terms and agreements and it connects, my families phones connects and works FINE. But mine wont

  8. Shyquan that’s usually an issue with WiFi calling, make sure it’s turned off and that you have preferred network selected under the data

  9. I have 6edge +. Last night I received a text message and I lost all contacts out of my phone and the font in messages changed size. My contacts aren’t in my Samsung account, cloud, or google!!! HELP!!!

  10. I can’t hear people when they call me or when I call them but say I call them using the Facebook app i can hear them and they can hear me all other sounds work fine on my phone please help

  11. Believe it or not I tried everything to keep my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for rebooting over and over and over. It will work fine if you have it plugged in the chaeger but once it’s off the Charger it’s going to die no matter what you do. BUT I have found a soulution to fixing the problem at lease for the Galaxy Note 4. It’s simple and easy



  13. Hii i have S6 Edge . When i installed game for play Skyforce 2016 Automatically my device gone Restart problem .. why ?


  14. I have this thing happening on my phone which has started a few weeks ago. My phone battery charge started to drain faster than usual. Sometimes, even with high battery charge, the screen would just start to flicker, network signal’s gone, phone would turn off, then it would reboot, but now with a lower battery charge, like 2-10%, then it would go in a loop of rebooting, and i have to take my battery off just to stop the phone from rebooting. Then after I put the battery back, the battery charge would be on a level not the same as it had when it turned off. Relating to this is the OTG connection. I am not having issue with this before, but now when I am trying to connect OTG thumb drive, it starts to do this flickering and draining thing I have mentioned above. I am thinking and hoping that it is just a battery issue.

  15. My S-pen is writing extended marks & tapping letters without me using the stylus to touch the screen. It also moves the page around when the stylus is just near the screen. How do I get it to function properly again?

  16. my S7 takes forever to send pictures, sometimes they go thru and other times they do not, they arrive scrambled or have a transparent green tint over 3/4 of the picture or only half a picture, I have a micro cell 3G tower in the house as well as internet, Camera as far as I know is on the lowest setting, My S4 works better then my S7 and this is the second one, also whatsapp is installed and pics are sent within seconds and look perfect but most of the people on my contact list don’t use that program, why can’t Samsung or AT&T fix this issue.

  17. About a month and a half ago, Samsung updated their Marshmallow software. And ever since I have been losing access to my mobile apps. Every time they up date, I lose more access.

  18. i have a galaxy S7 edge and i tried to root it and now the Samsung screen is showing and is vibrating a lot please help me

  19. What happened to the troubleshooting on facebook as detailed above? I liked the page and it doesn’t show up. I need to troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

  20. My Samsung Galaxy suddenly turned off and on and then froze on the part where the sprint symbol shows what should I do now

  21. I have phone G S2 I 9100 After format i receive massage screen robert like and hardware rest
    then i do format again and again still apear same masage what can i do please

  22. I can’t open my phone cause I forget my code
    To activate the phone,i can use it only for emergency calls

  23. hello my name Kelvin I had problem with my Samsung tap s 8.4 the problem is with the WiFi stop working I reset complete the tablet and keep saying WiFi on.. butt nothing happened and I can’t turn the green bar of the WiFi on don’t dected no WiFi this happen week ago.. I need help wht it my action

  24. Hi, so my ediot romate wet my note 5. Ofcurse i was pissed but everything seems okay, until the back button and the multi screen icon they dont work. They dont turn on. Maybe you guys have an answee besides get a new one.

  25. I’ve been trying recently to post pics stored in my Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge camera on fb, but they appear with a delay of a few hours. Also I tried to email a document scanned with an app installed in the same phone, but I got the email after 3 days. Didn’t encounter this problem in the past. Any solution greatly appreciated!

  26. Hello I have a galaxy note 3 cell phone, I am unable to down load pictures from a text message, I gets a down load fail message. how do I fix this problem?

  27. im using Samsung note 2, Found an error “Connection Error invalid MMI, as well as singal of my Mobile Keep disconnecting

  28. I have Samsung S7 and am getting the error – has stopped mainly when I open Gmail app…what should I do to fix the error..

  29. hey so my samsung s6 edge is not charging or rebooting. i got it to go to the reboot screen earlier by holding the up volume then power and back button and it didn’t work or won’t happen again either. also I’ve gotten the OS download screen to pop up and i go to restart it, the samsung screen pops up and then nothing happens after that. The charging indicator on the screen was showing up earlier today but it is not now. what should i do

  30. This S5 is very aggravating if trying to connect to the wifi at a hotel or other location. It will not allow the box to put in a password to come up. And yes I tried what was advised by shutting down the phone and putting it in safe mode. It did not work even though I had it on safe mode. This will be the last samsung phone I get, becuz the S4 kept overheating. My two daughters had S4s and I had an S4 and all of them overheated to the point you could not use them. Now I am having issues with the S5. I travel, I need it to have the capability of changing wifi networks without problems. I need a phone that doesn’t have problems period!

  31. My phone was doing the same thing. ATT Locker app was the culprit. I don’t keep my wifi on all the time to save on battery.

    Go into your att locker and look at your settings. I just unchecked everything to backup. I also turned off allerts.

  32. After my updates this morning, my mic is gone from the text keyboard. How do I get that back, I use it all the time.

  33. I cant send messages on my s6 edge.
    eg: sbmtrx to 8727 it says message fail. It accept only recipient of 8numbers. How can i reset.

  34. Omg thanks so much!!!! I have been everywhere to try and figure out what was wrong with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Nobody has been able to help me. Until I just googled my problem. I looked at your page. Your advice for problem #5, totally fixed my phone. I had droped my phone. And I couldn’t get it to come back on. It would just vibrate. Then say samsung, then turn right back off. The only way I could get it come on was to tap my phone the whole time it was turning on. But as soon as I stoped hitting the phone right below the power button. It would just turn off. Then I would have to start all over again. It happed 2 months ago also. I got it to stay on by tapping it until it loaded all the way up. I had no problems. It just worked. This time I couldn’t get it to say on at all. So I done the steps by getting the phone on tapping away. Lol I had to keep the back off. So as soon as it loaded all the way up. The battery could just fall out while I was tapping away. I then held the power button with the battey out, still tapping the phone. Just to make sure I was getting all the electricity out. Then the hard part. I had to put the battery, and back on. While holding the power button, home button, and the volume up button. While tapping the phone the whole time. When I cleared the cashe. It sent me to a recovery option. I finally stoped tapping the phone on that screen. And it didnt turn off. I was so nervous it was going to turn off. Before I could reboot it. I hit the home screen to reboot it. And the phone turned off. And loaded up on its own. I’m so happy. I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to share this with the technicians at my local Sprint store. And the technicians at Batteries Plus. Who couldn’t help me. And told me I needed to get a new phone. Thanks again, [email protected]

  35. Dropped my phone. Screen cracked. Phone comes on, lights and all, but the screen is black. I need to access my phone to get my contacts and calendar. Suggestions?

  36. I have a note 3 and I’m having trouble with my bluetooth, my wifi, and my hotspot? They are not working and are greyed out! I have done a reboot, and updated to lollipop with nothing correcting the problem, do you guys have a solution?

  37. I myself done same thing, I fixed mine by taking back off and remove all screws. The ribbon cable might have come loose from motherboard. double check all ribbons and try again.

  38. My Daughter droppped her s4 and now the touch screen will not work, Navigation and back buttons are ok… any suggestions? Thanks

  39. Recently bought a gear s and paired it to my note 4 using the samsung gear manager (App actually says its for gear s2).

    Everytime I wear my gear s and put my note 4 in my pocket, the note 4 switches off completely.

    If I disconnect my note 4 and put my note 4 in the pocket, then it doesn’t switch off.

    Any help that will allow me to wear my gear s and put my note 4 in my pocket?



  40. My samsung Note 4 is not recognize the SIM. It’s displays as “No USIM”. pls help me to rectify this problem.

  41. My samsung Galaxy S6 edge People Edge swipe doesn’t work since the recent update to 5.1.1 I do not have the problem with adding contacts that has been reported. The gray swipe tab is visible and occasionally swipes easily, but often doesn’t respond. However, if I have a contact on People with a message, that tab does swipe easily. Please advise

  42. I have an Android S4 and it wont allow me to text in English,only Chinese.I changed the device setting to English,but still have this issue.Texting only.

  43. So I am using my Samsung Galaxy S6 with wi-fi. I am trying to to do group text messages with people who have Iphones. I am not receiving them back within the group response. I am ether not receiving messages back or I receive them back individually. I have only noticed this with my text messages to groups of people with iphones. Why is it doing this?

  44. Hello Guys. Can anyone help me remove my samsung S3 from safe mode pleaseeeeee? I tried switching it off n on, tried removing battery several times and also tried long pressing the volume key and power key but nothing helped yet.

  45. when my phone data runs out and i can only get wifi all of a sudden my phone will say no mobile network available and not allow me to send text messages and or recieve phone calls. Once i turn it on and off or switch from airplane mode to off it resets itself and i can get them for a couple of minutes then back again. PLEASE HELP

  46. My Samsung S5 keeps trying to download & install an update (the update is 609MB). It downloads successfully, and then reboots to install. When it reboots it comes to my lock screen. I swipe my pattern and after a pause I get a message that the install was interrupted & unable to be completed. This has happened several times. Appreciate any help!

  47. Help! My Samsung Galaxy s6 active won’t send mms texts anymore. I got it about a month ago from at&t, and I have had no other problems with it until now. It just says that I’m sending a picture for a long time and then says “failed.” What do I do?

  48. Hi TheDroidGuy!

    I recently realized that when I try to use my Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge as a phone (right?!), meaning I tap the phone icon, it goes to the phone screen, then begins to load the icons for that screen, but before it does it restarts…with the Samsung screen then into the Verizon screen, then the regular locked home screen…??? HELP?

    (I did clear the cache, as I saw how to do here…but no luck. And it still does this restart in “Safe Mode” too.)


  49. Hi. My note 4 has starting hanging up on a current call when an incoming call comes through. It seems like a setting issue because I accidently press the Voicemail icon while talking on the phone and it hung up on the call that I was on

  50. i have a samsung galaxy 3 phone will not cut on i can take battery out n put it back in and it will show samsung then cut right back plz

  51. I have had a Samsung galaxy S4 for around three days. . . – and I am a stupid old bloke. I cannot use the text message facility as the font is enlarged to huge, but it is set ( in Display settings ) to “Normal” size. The font size is normal in contacts and elsewhere, the problem only shows in messaging. . .

    This just “Happened” a day ago whilst I was actually typing a text message. Can anyone tell me if there is another setting I need to find to correct this annoying situation please ? I’ve tried removing and replacing the sim and re-booting the phone to no avail. . .

    Thanks. . .Jim.

  52. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .I am Having Sim issues in my cell it Only supports my sim for1 or 2 Hours after that it doesn,t Support My sim I have Changed My sim but still Had That Problem after 1 or 2 Hours if i try To send Message A Message Appears “.Unable To send Message The message will be sent when the service wil l avaliable ” and I had to restart my cell again & again and again.
    plz help me With this…..

  53. Gents my screen just went blank on my s6 edge after plugging in the charger, only thing I get to see is a small X in the bottom right of the screen, what to do

  54. SM-P600 Note 10.1 2014: My tablet Will Not Change! It was working fine earlier this evening
    … not all of a sudden the charging indicator will not stay on!

  55. I want the new update for the Samsung galaxy s6 edge and for some reason I can’t get it. My phone is verizon and it’s unlocked.

  56. All of the sudden photos from my gallery will not attach to either text messages or Facebook Messenger. I click on the photo and i get a little message that says Unable to Attach File. Any suggestions?

  57. All of the sudden photos from my gallery will not attach to either text messages or Facebook Messenger. I click on the photo and i get a little message that says Unable to Attach File. Any suggestions?

  58. LG G2 E-mail message. I received a message on my LG G2 stating “Authentification required” for my e-mail account. It looks as if someone tried to login to my account, but I suspect this is an error. I’m not getting it on my computer of tablet.

  59. Please answer soon- my galaxy s4 is stuck on sprint boot screen with the lcds blinking still but it just stays like that. It can go into recovery mode but not safe mode. And i made a app into a system app the night before and turned it off for the night. and now im here stuck at this it was working fine and awsome then… so im confused ive tried even formatting and clearing cache all those things help and ty. email me at [email protected]– thanks

  60. I have two Samsung S3(s) and both after some time one screen turned one morning and by night time totally black I can receive calls but can’t see anything on the screen…I shut down and put away…
    Husband offered me his Samsung S3 and today the screen turned green, it’s still green up to this moment…oh how I wish I knew what happened. Help!!!

  61. What is the solution for unresponsiveness on note 4 home button and the left button beside it? beside sending in for repair.

  62. How do I fix my galaxy note 4. On the screen a message pops up said ( Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped…. I can’t use my phone not can a text…. Very unhappy….

  63. my cousin send me the phone as a gift from africa and i am facing this prblm again and again evrythng is perfect IMEI no and all other thngs i dont knw wht is exactly the problem the software is even latest version

  64. Last night 24th of November i updated my Galaxy S4 into to latest Android update and after i finished the back button stopped working. Any solution for this. I do not want to flash the phone or remove install the system…

  65. if it has a sim card then you can go to any carrier that has the ability to have a sim card and you can get it jail broke and it should be able to work (its called flashing for short of that big sentence)

  66. your google plus should have all your stuff just sign in on the google account you used to set up your phone when you got it

  67. go to your settings then your application manager then slide over to ¨all¨ and click turn off on the ¨phone¨ then the ¨contacts¨ and then restart your phone, after it starts up go back to app. manager and slide over till you see a new slide called ¨turned off¨ and click on them and turn them back on it should work afterwards hope this helps.

  68. I sent an mms to five of my grandchildren. My initial text and the next three or so texts in the discussion have disappeared from my phone. The remaining texts in the discussion are there. How do I get the first four texts back and how do I prevent it from happening again?

  69. My unlocked verizon samsung galaxy note 4 android version 5.0.1 allows me to send SMS only to unsaved contact but once the contact is saved won’t send SMS even for the same cell number.

  70. good day, my Samsung s4 19190 stopped booting, just keeps flashing the Samsung logo:

    have tried hitting the power button but it didn’t work, cant access
    safe mood, recovery booting wont work either. . please help me:

  71. I upgraded my galaxy s5 and now my Internet won’t work unless I use wifi. I can’t send or recieve pictures. It’s annoying. What do I do I already called the phone company and rest the apn that didn’t work!

  72. i have the samsung galaxy note edge (the very first one that came out) I just did the software update to the android lollipop but now the vibration on my phone is really weak and low. Does any one please have a way to fix this. It’s so low that I miss all my calls and texts

  73. I am having problems galore with my photo gallery. I take a pic and go to look at it, and the pic is not in the gallery. There is a black square with an exclamation mark in it.

  74. I have a samsung galaxy 45 I bought a few months ago but now very often shut down, I tried restore the factory settings, but nothing helps me.

  75. Does anyone know how to stop the Error message that my Google play has stopped?
    I have a S4 and have no idea why just now this message keeps popping up on my screen every time I need to do something on my phone. Its very annoying. Please help….Thank you

  76. I cannot get my internet tabs to close on note 4 edge. I have already cleared internet cache and this did not work. suggestions?

  77. my security feature is the finger print, after my I year old niece finished playing with my phone it locked and asked for a back up password. I cannot remember the password, however after putting the wrong code in for a while it did not gave me the option of my security question or google account information. I cannot loose my data. what can I do now?

  78. I have the Galaxy S5 (about 1 yr old) and it has a multitude of problems, 1 of them is for aproximately the past week when I take pictures, I see it in the corner but when I click on it it is not in my gallery. I have checked the SD card and it isn’t even close to being full. I have checked many things but I can’t figure out the problem. Any suggestions??

  79. When I go to my local newspaper’s webpage, I cannot load the stories anymore. I now get an error: “Error 413 Request Entry Too Large”. Any ideas?

  80. i am having issues with my galaxy s3. it has worked all day until 30 minutes ago. it keeps restarting itself and i cant do anything!!! please help!!!

  81. Hi, I have a Samsung S3 and my internet just keeps going in and out and I was curious if I could put my old sim card in. It’s from the same carrier. Thanks

  82. I have a problem with my sumsung galax note 3. on my key pad *and # is not working. wen I put the memory card some apps disappears what is a solution?

  83. phone is a note 3 and has a notification “unfortunately WCFservice has stopped working” and i cannot open the phone, whats going on

  84. Has anyone with a Galaxy Note 4 experienced pop up ads all the time even if you arent in an app? Please help!

  85. Samsung Galaxy S4 is charged but won’t come on. My sister has the same phone and I switched her batteries and it still won’t come on. So I know it isn’t the battery. What could it be?

  86. The messenger screen that shows you are using voice to text, to make a text message locks up and will not close or respond nor will it go away when you click the home button. you have to restart the device to get it to disappear. What the heck is with this?? Using a S4 on the Verizon system.

  87. I have a LG G3 phone and the message I am always getting is the “home screen won’t load.” The options are “wait or ok.” It is eating up the battery, big time. Can anyone help???

  88. It came from a computer infection so I still have the computer infection I guess it catches everything near it like a fishnet wireless internet fisherman

  89. My Android has has an adbkey button hidden somewhere on my phone keeping records of my activity and is connected to my windows 7 lap top. Lookout can not see it t mobile cannot see it. I have a warning pop up on my phone from Microsoft saying someone is trying to steal my info. What does Microsoft have to do with T-Mobile? They say nothing. Samsung maybe because it happened after a remote assistance call where he downloaded a usb utility with unix utilities, then everything went to hell. What does Android have to do with Microsoft???? Please tell me because the android has been multiplying and adding things that run up my data also on my son’s phone just from using my wireless internet.
    I traced a port on my computer(because another computer site said search add ons in start. I also search remote. The remote was in a lot of places and one ad one among many I choose to right click and follow backwards back to a hacker that had made 8 other administrative accounts and had a control panel similar to a normal one but with added spy features.
    I pushed help to try to regain my administrative rights and actually got a “How to Hack” into account users through Java or control system.
    How to create new accounts in C++ code to not look suspicious and put ports all over the computer in files, desk top, curser etc. It infected my phone as soon as I turned it on.
    Does Android spy for Microsoft? The how to book was from XSLTransformations and the Android report has Microsoft logo along with XSLTranformations.
    The T mobile man, nor the lookout man can find anything. But I can not delete the android icon from my computer and my android kit kat phone actually tried to stop me from calling T-Mobile because my phone icon was gone after I used their call me back service. Then I tried to call again phone icon gone I had to go through messages to get to my key board. So just please!!!!Is it Microsoft or someone pretending to be Microsoft. Because they are doing a very good job.

  90. I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 the on/off it is writing mediatek Android instead of samsung galaxy note 3 so my phone will not turn on previous way of opening samsung not 3 help me to remove mediatek Android when opening. Is there any way to retrieve all the normal features

  91. Hallo there!
    In the last 2-3 days the warning “Authentication off!” appears often on the screen of my Samsung Galaxy S6. I wonder if there is a way of figuring out what it is about, or perhaps if it is something that I shouldn’t worry about. I keep connecting to wifi and getting my mail with no problem.

  92. Today, My Droid decided to start shutting down on its own and turning on. I keep receiving one text message over and over and then the phone turns off, then on again. How do I fix this?

  93. I’m trying to network unlock my Samsung galaxy S5. I have rooted the phone. It is from T-mobile, G900T. I done have the money to buy an unlock code. The last company I purchased an unlock code from never delivered! Someone please help me!

  94. My galaxy s6 gives me a “message expired or not available” message. How do I get rid of that?

  95. Done the latest update om my samsung s5 now my phone is faulty cant rite messages as when I press a letter a tottaly didferrnt one comes apps are opening by there self and the phone freezes I have factore reset the phone 3 times and still faulty any ideas tha ks

  96. I have a note 4 and when I download apps it says teen right in the bottom where they put the rating anybody can tell me why

  97. i have a problem with my samsung galaxy 4, i dropped it on grass while jumping and now it just shows an all black screen, it turns on you can even hear it turn on it charges and all the only thing wrong is that it shows all black. Anyone know what i can do to fix it here at home, i aint tryna spend money. please help me email me @[email protected]

  98. How to fix error of ” time service isnot responding” on samsung note 3
    when using online touch screen isnot work

  99. hi i have a problem with my htc one m8 harmon/kardon edition like recently i installed windows 8 recently on my laptop later on when i am trying to connect my phone to my laptop it is charging but i am not able to view the files and folders on my mobile or to copy anything to my phone

  100. Why does the quick text feature limit the phrase you want to send? Is there a way to disable it so I can send a longer message?

  101. I have recently purchased an HTC phone and up until now it has been working really well.
    Over the last couple of days when I play games such as Zig Zag, the phone has become really slow to respond, making it impossible to play the games.
    I have deleted and reinstalled the apps but that did not help. It is happening on all the games I play, which used to work well.
    Would you have an idea how I could rectify this?

  102. hi, i forgot my backup pass and it wasn’t connected to the internet so i cant sign in to my google account .(samsung galaxy s6)
    i don’t want to recover my phone is there anyway to fix it ??

  103. Whenever I try deleting a conversation on messages the app freezes and won’t work again until I restart my phone. Sometimes it will act like it is going to delete the conversation and it will say its deleting for 45 minutes but will never delete anything. How can I delete a conversation without having these problems?

  104. I bought my s6 edge on 10th April 2015. It was working well until two weeks back and it stopped charging faster as it used to. Now it takes 7 hours to charge fully and also stopped reading on all computers, when I connect to a computer it only reads charger connected and up to now I cannot transfer anything so please help me out of this.

  105. I have a galaxy S6 Edge and deleted the google spacebar from the home screen, I do not know how to get it back. Can anyone help me.

  106. Hello All: I have a Galaxy S6 Edge, I mistakenly deleted the google bar from the home page and I can’t seem to get it back. any idea how I can restore it? Thanks Julian

  107. Hello, recently i’m observing my Note 4 screen goes black while watching videos on FB. It’s basically dimming out with the screen time that i have set to 30 sec. Other streaming media like Youtube and other video seems ok. Im running Note 4 with Lollopop 5.01. Seeking help. Thanks. Ashiq

  108. I have the same problem and went to AT&T. They tried to tell me that I bent the pins on the port, thereby invalidating the warranty and want me to pay $200 (the phone is new and was just purchased 7 weeks ago). It is a problem with the phone that numerous people have reported. Check with your cell provider and hopefully they will be more helpful.

  109. I can’t get my Samsung Note 4 to sync contacts with Google. It acts like it syncs, then my test name isn’t showing up on the phone. Any ideas? …grateful for any help. Thanks.

  110. My galaxy s3 when turned on won’t leave start up screen tried to press power and volume up and down still won’t work. Did a factory reset

  111. i enabled the encryption on my s6 then accidently entered the wrong password and the phone reset now i cant access web browser for wifi sign in due to unauthorized reset, can this be fixed

  112. hey my s5 had a changing problem n i had 2 change the battery on my dad phone n when i put d battery back in the phone.the phone starting 2 restart after i try putting d charging in without d battery n put d battery it work i was doing this 4 2 days nw it doesnt comes on completely

  113. go to settings if you can and then applications, then all apps, find settings and wipe all data, cache, settings etc. then do the same for tw launcher; restart your phone & see if it is fixed.

  114. it is talking about the process contacts not the storage. in order to access the storage, a process must be processed by the processor (cpu) in order for the app (contacts) to be able to open etc.. contacts always runs in the background most of the time so it means it keeps crashing…perhaps you are one of those people that never go BACK to exit an app; instead just click home and make it disappear, although still open; this uses up your ram(random access memory), used to remember which apps are open and ay temporary data needed for each one along with it; which also drains your battery, if your ram is full your battery will last less, your phone will be slower, and your background processes like contacts will not be able to run any temporary data like that which is STORED for the contacts APP(contacts, messages). then it crashes, just close apps by going BACK not HOME then your problem may leave…but I may be wrong same diagnostic possibly different fix.

  115. I also learned my lesson with Samsung, after going through many of their phones and doing lots of research. I have discovered that the HTC ONE M8 or M9 phone are the best on the market today plus if anything goes wrong with the phone just turn it in, no questions asked. It’s called the Opps protection plan. I will never go back to Samsung.

  116. today was the first day that my phone wasnt charging. i got my Samsung 6 on July 27 2015, and when I plug it in, it doesnt say its charging, please reply.

  117. How am I supposed to get help if I dnt have Facebook? My brand new phone is actin like shit. I just got it…I dnt even have contacts on the phone yet and it’s telling me I have no phone space. I’m confused. I need to know what cached data is also can I delete this cached data?

  118. ive done an update today and now all my contacts are lost – just constantly says ‘ updating contacts’ can anybody help?

  119. S5 – after unlocking phone, the phone key pad always comes up. I have to hit Home button to get to Home page. Anyone know how to bypass this? I checked to make sure it’s not part or included in any screens I’ve created to make sure I didn’t set this up by accident. Appreciate your expertise on solving this. Thanks

  120. HELP!!!!! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and yesterday it decided to crap out on me!!! I dont know what happened, it was working fine, then I picked it up to make a call and it was a black screen that keeps flashing with white letters saying SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 in the middle of the screen and the bottom says powered by android. It will NOT turn on or off. I was at the mall so I went to the kiosk and they tried to do a soft reset and no luck. The problem is that I found out when I got home that my Verizon cloud was full and we had not gotten notification from Verizon so we had no idea. So now I have many lost photos of a recently deceased family member that I am DESPERATE to retrieve! I talked to a data recovery service today that said if the phone would boot on, they could recover the data, but without it booting on, they can do nothing. PLEASE HELP!!! Any tips or suggestions?? The Verizon rep ordered me a new phone and said I have to return this phone within 5 days, so time is of the essence for me!!

  121. I own a android Samsung Galaxy note2 , up till recently I have not had a problem since I bought it 2 years ago however I dropped the phone one evening as a result I can’t connect to one website only one and it says Web page not available because it doesn’t establish secure connection and that is my story .

  122. Just got a Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen and I keep getting my emails back after delegating it’s driving me nuts anyone here having this problem

  123. My galaxy s5 is having trouble with crashing and asking me to reload tab on sites like and on financial sites like Fidelity i get “loading” message when trying to drill down on a page. It just sits there an nothing happens for way way too long. My phone has plenty of memory not many large non standard apps. Androud version 5

  124. Hi,
    My Galaxy S4 will not factory reset. I chose the reset option and approve that it should delete everything on my phone. My phone shuts down and does not restart. When i turn it back on all my data is still there. Nothing happens… Please advise!!

  125. I have a galaxy s5, my phone just out of no where stopped working. the screen stays black,you can cut it on and off because you can feel the phone shake when you mash the power button or any button for that matter. the blue led light on the front blinks, i tried to perform a hard reset on it but its kind of impossible to do when the screen stays black. how do i fix this? the phone has never had any damage it is fairly new and sorry at&t said its the manufacturers fault and samsung said it is at&ts fault, so no help from them.

  126. Is it just me or does the S5 not play well with Office 365? It takes forever to load…locks up all the time and constantly looses my password in the settings. I am considering the S6 Edge but not if this is an ongoing problem. Might have to look at the sleek new LG G4…but everything I have is Samsung. Any suggestions?

  127. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I74M). My problem is… there’s nothing. The phone is off, I can’t turn it on. When I plug it on my computer or with a charger, the battery graphic don’t appear. I try many time the power bouton, remove the battery and drain the residual energy, home bouton + down volume, charge it over night. Nothing seem to do anything… Any idea?

  128. Is there anyone out there having the issue of your Windows 7 PC not connecting to your Galaxy s6? It connects as a modem, but the MTP driver doesn’t install. Frustrated….

  129. my samsung galaxy 4 won’t let me set the alarm for PM. It doesn’t giveme the option of Am or PM

  130. my s4 runs touch itself and gets heated but if i pull the top left corner of lcd the problem is solved and i m using my phone that way miserably. any solutions?

  131. My Samsung Galaxy 4 has started charging very slowly and it doesn’t even show that its charging. No lightning symbol on the battery. I’ve tried draining the battery down to 0% and the charge it but then it didn’t charge. Only a grey battery with a loading circle was in it. Its really irritating. Help me…

  132. My Samsung galaxy s6 Edge is not responding but the edge light is still on. How can I get it to come back on?

  133. My S4 has gotten stuck in “Unfortunately Settings has Stopped”. Nothing seems to work.

    I’ve powered down, booted in Safe Mode, Used “wipe data” and factory reset, but after skipping all the “opening” buttons, it still gets stuck at “Unfortunately Settings has Stopped”.

  134. microphone gets turned off mysteriously, requires battery removal and restart to fix. Only started after AT&T software upgrade

  135. i have a Samsung galaxy s3 and my phone turns on but nothing come up on the screen but i only dropped my phone

  136. I tried to do a factory reset on my galaxy s3. Now it won’t turn back on. I do the three buttons at once, the clear cache then i hit reboot system. it says error and won’t turn on. it gets as far as a white screen and just stays there for hours. Please help

  137. I have an imap email account I use with my laptop, pc, and S6 Edge.
    When I check email from any other source it never updates and shows the email as checked on my S 6. Why?
    Also, how do I get my Edge screen to appear like yours does in the above pic on your page?
    My edge screen only shows on top, not edge, and only when I swipe the top edge tab…?

  138. How do I prevent facebook app from turning on when charging? I turn it off when I plug it in to charge & when I check it facebook is on, does this prevent my Samsung galaxy 10.1tablet from charging?

  139. I am facing problem in signing in my google account on my note 3. it was working perfectly until i reset it and try to sign in again with my same google account. it keeps telling me

    Can’t establish a reliable connection to the saver. This could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data service. if it continues, call customer service.

  140. I. Just bought agalaxy s4 my problem is that its showing error mm#6. I cant even a activate it i bought it off the street. .so i have no owner info please help

  141. Hi, I have a problem with my Galaxy S5 Contacts. Some random contacts are being duplicated over 600 times. I’ve been trying to manually delete the duplicates but it will be of no use if this continues to happen. I think it is because of Syncing with 3rd party apps so, I switched the Sync option off. (Facebook, LinkedIn and etc.)
    Does anyone know what triggers this or how to get rid of this problem?
    Thank you in advance.

  142. my samsung glaxy s4 active come in to service blocking mode after one or two days when i restart it working correctly,please is there any body to help me to solve this problem

  143. Sprint S3 . . . . . .after factory reset, little red dot on lower right corner appears intermittently. Also, I backed my files tusing Samsung’s Smart switch and backed it to the SD card. After it was done, turned off, pulled SD card and did my factory reset. Put in SD card but could not find my back up, nor did it restore. Should I have used my primary email from Yahoo for default email ? I used Gmail sign in because I think I remember settting up phone with it. Google default. But my primary email is with yahoo account. Please advise.

  144. hi, i’ve updated the new update on my samsung s4.
    the problem i’m having is when i’m playing music the sound will go down to minimum when the screen go’s off, and even when the screen is off and the music is playing if i get a message or notification the music will again go to minimum.
    can you help please as this did not happen prior to the update and i do not recall adjusting the settings previously to stop this happening.


  145. Hello, me Galaxy S5 (Lollipop 5.0) has a problem with the keyboard not minimizing. When i am in a text message with the keyboard up, and then click the power button to turn the screen off, the keyboard is still up the next time I try and open my phone. It is up on the lock screen and it covers the numbers where I enter my pin to unlock the phone I have to to undock it and move it to enter my pin. It does it every time and also with other downloaded keyboards. Even with the swift keyboard. Any ideas? I’ve reset cache to touch whiz. No clue what to do next. Thanks!

  146. Hello, me Galaxy S5 (Lollipop 5.0) has a problem with the keyboard not minimizing. When i am in a text message with the keyboard up, and then click the power button to turn the screen off, the keyboard is still up the next time I try and open my phone. It is up on the lock screen and it covers the numbers where I enter my pin to unlock the phone I have to to undock it and move it to enter my pin. It does it every time and also with other downloaded keyboards. Even with the swift keyboard. Any ideas? I’ve reset cache to touch whiz. No clue what to do next. Thanks!

  147. I have a problem in my note 3 that I cannot make any call. My sim card is shown in my phone but I cannot cake any call and received any call … How I can fix this problem

  148. I have note 4 and I have error massage ( unfortunately galary has stopped ) and I clear cash , shill face the problem

  149. Sprint samsung galaxy s4 has had video drag issues ever since update. Used to watch HOURS of Netflix and hulu with no issue. Now audio plays but video freezes after 40 seconds. Help!!

  150. I had the same thing resulting from a nice dip in a pool with the same phone. You can just buy a new lcd part for like $100 and swap the parts over, of course after you clean off the corrosion, if any.

  151. When I download videos in my galaxy s5 it didnt pop up in my galery . Please help me .

  152. Where can I get information on how to fix a problem where the battery notification isn’t updating on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 7.0? Thanks.

  153. Hi my name is Jackie and my Verizon Samsung S5 phone text
    messages are disappearing when I text. I took the battery out, restarted, and
    even placed it on safe mood.I also noticed last night that when I discounted the phone off the charger while I was on the phone it restrated itself with a black screen. Please, help

  154. I have Samsung Galaxy A7 bought 3 days back and its having a problem of connecting to WIFI…. I’m able to connect to WIFI at my office but when I try to connect to WIFI in my accommodation its not connecting… When I check out in advanced options its showing IP Address unavailable….

  155. all of a sudden my Samsung 8 is saying : “unknown issue with google play services” and Skype, facebook stopped???? help please

  156. Has anyone else found that charging my galaxy Note 10.1 v2014 is taking a very long time to charge and when it is fully charged is only lasts a couple hours before having to be charged again.
    Any suggestions? Are there rapid chargers out there that I can use?

  157. My son has the galaxy tab 3 7.0 and hasn’t changed his PIN to unlock the screen. But now he can’t unlock the screen with the password which he was able to do just a few minutes earlier. And when he goes to the settings to reset it, it doesn’t recognize the PIN. Please help!

  158. Hello there,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge and randomly when i type
    using diferente keyboards sometimes it wont register a hey that i type…. I think
    it must be software related because it seems to be worse when there are more
    applications on the back, but it is becoming very annoying… i have tried the Factory
    test for the touckscreen and it paints all the screen so I dont think is
    hardware related…. This didnt happen with my galaxy 4…. All keys when i typed
    event fast were registered without exception… i have done Factory reset three
    times but after a time the problema appear again… and its not a certain key or
    part of the screen… its very random… its like something in the background its
    causing hiccups and random keys when I type are not been registered… i have
    tried Samsung keyboard, swiftkey, IME SAMSUNG KEYBOARD and GO KEYBOARD… and its
    all the same… I have android 5.0.2.

  159. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and after the latest Android update the number keypad to unlock the phone suddenly has no numbers. They are replaced with blocks. Anyone else have this issue?

  160. problem with galaxy S5–“contacts has stopped working” I can’t make a call– out-multiple reboots before it starts working—help anyone

  161. Hopefully, I’m in the right spot for a question. I play music into my radio from the on board music app on my Note 3 overnight to help sleep but since the latest lollipop update.. the music gets turned down by the phone sometime during the night. I do have to turn it up all the way on the phone. So, I’m curious if there’s some sort of safety built into the phone or some way to turn it off? Thoughts anyone??

  162. How can I turn on wireless setting to mirrorcast my Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge to TV..Using Actiontec Screenbeam Mini 2 dongle.

  163. Got Lollipop update on my Note 4 Edge – AT&T last month. Now Gmail syncing keeps turning itself off. I am constantly having to go to settings to turn autosync back on. Solutions anyone?

  164. I have just started using a Samsung Galaxy S5, and I am having a problem with email.
    I have three (3) email accounts from the same provider, and each account employs subfolders in addition to the standard Inbox. I can see the content in each of the Inbox folders, and the device can see that the subfolders exist. However, I cannot see any of the email messages that I know are in the subfolders.

  165. Hlo I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and while I have importing videos to vCard folder, it is found missing after sometime. If u have any tips then email me at “[email protected]

  166. I’ve had My Note 3 for about 2 years and all of a sudden when I try to move items on my screen it tells me that Touch wiz has stopped and I can’t do anything with them. Any suggestions?

  167. Hi. I just did the 5.0 lollipop update this morning. Now my phone will not connect to my home wifi network. It notices that it is available and such, but it will not connect. I restarted my phone several times, took my battery out, turned off wifi several times, forgot the home network and reputation in the password and such. Nothing seems to work.

  168. just found out that basically everything is working except for the messaging app and the play store

  169. My Galaxy s4 has just stopped working just over all. Last night i tried t delete my Handcent messaging app. when i did i clicked on the normal messaging app the comes with the pone and it wont open, or do nothing. now i cant even do anything on my phone. ive been trying to download other messaging apps and they wont even download. but yet i still get calls. someone help me.

  170. After unlocked Samsung galaxy s active (from at&t to tmobile) I have problem with the data service.

  171. I get that all the time, i just ignore because tbh my contacts are just fine. Nothing is wrong with them. I think it is just an error.

  172. Did you not have any of them on an sd card? I would hope you would have been backing up your phone, or at least been puting some stuff on the sd card….

  173. how do i get my messages to send as text messages and not multimedia messages? It sends as multimedia message after i type about 5 words.
    Lastly, i know there is an update for my phone and i have the samsung galaxy S5 however, it keeps telling me that i have reached my daily data limit. I have never gotten this kind of message before.
    Also, is there a way i can figure out how to access my voicemail anyone know? I don’t know my passcode. I haven’t, and no zero and one do not work. I have many voicemails i do need to hear and i have no way to listen if i don’t know my passcode.

  174. hi guyss i have samsung galaxy s4 the phone send sms only i cannot make calls always says call ended even its not receive calls need help the its 4.4.2 sch i545

  175. I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S5 on the ground, and now the contrast and saturation are messed up. I can’t seem to find a way to alter or customize it to my needs beyond the color adjustment and screen mode tools, both of which are woefully inadequate. Is there another way to fix this, or is it more of a hardware issue?

  176. Issues with Galaxy S4

    My alarm doesn’t go off intermittently so I have to set 2 alarms say, 5 minutes apart. Sometimes they both go off, sometimes only the second one. I have checked all the obvious things, no volume, etc. but to no avail. After the supposed alarm time has passed, the home screen display shows that the alarm is still set.

    Any suggestions?

    Secondly (but maybe related), I opened the phone last night (it was after midnight) to set an alarm for this morning (didn’t go off) and was surprised to see that the time on the locked screen was 21:20. The time did correct itself after a few seconds no the display on the top right corner.

    I might have to get the old I-Phone 4 out of mothballs if this goes on any longer.

    Mark MAC

  177. I have the Samsung s5 when I open contacts keeps saying unfortunately contacts had stopped please how do I fix.

  178. My S5 will not finish the firmware update to server since the software update to lollipop! Keeps getting on and on and on,,, any suggestions, apart from a factory reset?

  179. Samsung galaxy tab 3 8″ ..i cant install app i downloaded from unsecure locatio(out of galaxy apps stole and out of play store) even i set my setings to do it..instal button is disabled after instalation proces started so i acctualy cant start it

  180. im getting a message on the bottom of phone that phone storage is full, should I install clean up? Its a Galaxy 4S Active

  181. My Samsung Galaxy S4 started getting a error message ” contacts stopped working”. Please help. This message is annoying.

  182. i have a samsung galaxy note2 as of yesterday it wont go past the symbol before reset and if i try to charge it itll just show the battery but it doesnt look like it’s charging

  183. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Mobile, frequently my phone is getting heat and at the same time the battery backup is also getting discharged very fast. Please let me know the reason and solution.

  184. I want to know why if my ringer is on silence why if i get a call it turns the ringer on.. not a good thing when you need to have your phone silent.

  185. I don’t have–and definitely DON’T WANT–a facebook subscription. How does one access your troubleshooting page??? Do you have a “search function” to drill down to a specific issue or question, rather than review each and every “mailbag problems?”


  186. my galaxy s3 never had problems till today had it for several months..was using earlier then came inside to check a tex and it will not open no matter how I swipe where I swipe my finger it stays closed , cleaned the screen..nothing took out battery still will not recognize being swiped

  187. I have an issue were I can’t view my pictures on either gallery or google cloud album. The message I get is that the applucation is not responding. Another issue I get is that my phone keeps stating I need a SIM card inserted and the SIM card is inserted and well positioned. What can I do about this issue. I have a samsung galaxy s4

  188. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I installed a couple apps and they aren’t showing up so I can open them and use them. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still the same thing. They show up in the settings area with the apps i have installed but I can’t open them there so it doesn’t help me at all.

  189. I just got a samsung galaxy s5 external battery case and it won’t stay on and charging. Is there some setting on the phone that keeps shutting off the charger case?
    Mike R

  190. I have a samsung s5 and I always have a problem with the camera. I want to take a pic and when i choose camera i get an error message and i have to restart phone. Can u help its very fustrating……

  191. Hi,

    My problem began with Galaxy Note 10.5 and when I purchased Galaxy tab S it continued :

    I have a game that I use daily.
    since almost 3 years.
    i had it on S3, and S4 and still working normal.
    I had it on Galaxy note 10.5 (2) and was working normal up to a time that it stopped suddenly.
    I went back to factory settings and it didn’t work again.

    I purchased the Galaxy tab S and it didn’t work at all from the beginning !

    This game when you log in, creates keys near the (Back and Menu keys) for its own functioning.
    One major key vanished on both Note and Tab S.
    I wrote to the App owners and told me that nothing from their side changed.

    On the Tab, I uninstalled the App many times and, even went into going back to factory resetting and still the same.
    Other keys within the application window still there.
    The one on the outer frame near the (Back and Menu keys) doesn’t exist anymore.
    I went to display menu to change some items there but without result !

    May I ask for Help here ?
    Thank you in advance.

  192. Good day to you. I really need help with retrieving data on my water damage Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone was in washing machine for awhile before I took out the battery and SIM card and dry visible water with cloth. Then I left it in the air for few hours before putting them back and pressed the power button and it worked for awhile. After using for awhile the battery became hot and the screen repeatedly flashed ‘Samsung Galaxy S3’. I took out the battery and put it back after awhile and it worked again for awhile and the flashing started again. This cycle repeated for a few times throughout the day. When the flashing happened I couldn’t switch on or off with the power button. However, it wouldn’t turn on after the night anymore and whenever I put the battery back in the same flashing occurs and the power button doesn’t work. When I plug in the charger the screen only shows the battery bar and power button still doesn’t work. When I press the power button together with home and volume down buttons, the reboot ‘robot’ shows up for 2 seconds and it returns back to the flashing again. Would you be able to help? Thanks.

  193. I keep getting port connected an my phone makes an weird noise. No one knows what this could be. Not even my phone company. Pls help Samsung Galaxy note 2

  194. I have Galaxy S5 I’m having trouble with it sending photos in ttext to my family in Switzerland…sometimes it works but lately it will not go through. test goes through fine. I’m with Verizon and have no restrictions.

  195. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5, the date on the home screen does not update without doing a restart. Any suggestions on what may be the issue?

  196. I have a galaxy 4 and the screen to the camera went black and on the right side where you change your flash and other settings there’s a picture of a sims card. How do I fix my camera????

  197. may i ask a question? why i can’t log in my account in 9gag using smartphone? it says “server error”
    i’m using alcatel one touch magic

  198. I have a Samsung S4 the on/off button is not working so my phone will not turn on. Is there any way to retrieve all the photos, music and etc. off of the phone before I replace it?

  199. Hi, I have a straight talk samsung galaxy S3 and there is no call waiting feature on this phone? My call waiting is not working. I went to other application settings and all that is there is noise reduction check box. I am wondering if anyone knows of another way to turn the call waiting on or off?

  200. I have a Galaxy S5, I usually use my hotspot quite frequently on my laptop at home. All of a sudden it will not connect or recognize my phone. How do I get it back working?

  201. Can anyone help with an update problem?

    Android 4,2 can’t update after un-locking, with the message – ‘Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available’.

    This is after my Samsung Galaxy S3 was unlocked.

    Tried to start it in Safe Mode, but this does not work either.

    Have done a Factory re-set several times, no luck.

    Any ideas on how can I fix this?


  202. i have a note 3 that keeps disconnecting from wifi it really annoying when i am playing online it disconnect and makes me lose and some times my phone’s volume lower it self for no reason help me please

  203. Help >> i installed whatsapp in my samsung galaxy s3 .. but the app is not avaible in data memory its like im not installing it i mean when i trying to find whatsapp in App Manager is not there :/ .. but when i check at Playstore the app its allready installed ??

  204. My galaxy s4 will mirror streamed videos but not downloaded videos, anyone else got this and can it be sorted to mirror both?

  205. My s3 is displaying an emergency calls only keypad, network is registered, I can receive calls but I cant call and can not scroll when I want to reset.

  206. I’m trying to install some software and a box comes up “complete action using” but l have nothing there to complete the action. What do l do ??

  207. Galaxy S4. Apps will not use data. Can only use apps when connected to Wi-Fi. Mobile data is selected with no preset limit

  208. I am trying to download facebook app on the play store and it comes back with an error 24. This is so frustrating please help!

  209. Hi
    I have a Samsung s3 and had recently downloaded Retrica photo app from google play. I have been into my gallery and found over 54 crashed photos that I did not take and I am trying to delete them and go through the process to do so but they are still there?? I have since deleted the app hoping that would help but they are still there. Can you help please??

  210. how do i make the writing in facebook larger please.I have enlarged the writing on the phone but facebook is so tiny

  211. I have a samsung proclaim. It worked fine until a few days ago. It now acts up a lot. If I charge it and shut it off it won’t turn back on unless I remove/replace the battery. Also: when I shut it after a recharge, the bottom row of lights (soft keys) stays lit even after it is “off.” The lights will stay on until the battery dies, or I remove the battery. I have put a new battery. I have stopped google + from running because it has been giving my other phone Samsung galaxy III problems since the latest update. I am wondering if the Google + update has done something to the proclaim phone also. I hate to reset to factory default only to find that the problem still exists. Please help.

  212. After a recent update, I can no longer palm swip my screen capture on my Note 3. How can I fix this?

  213. i have samsung galaxy siii mini but afew days ago my phone don show call logs what is the problem and how can i fix it

  214. i have samsung galaxy siii mini but afew days ago my phone don show call logs i make a call but after a few minutes don show z no. on the logs what is the problem and how can i fix it

  215. i have samsung galaxy siii mini but afew days ago my phone don show call logs what is the problem and how can i fix it

  216. Galaxy S3 on AT&T – When I attempt to select a Group designation for
    my contacts & press ‘Save’ I now get a notation that “Contacts has
    stopped working” and then contacts closes without saving my checkmarked
    designation. This function worked prior to the KK updates.

  217. I have Not 2…THERE is a Vulnerable in my phone.. So i heard it’s will fix with updates

    So i update to kitkat.. But still the Vulnerable till now

    Thx for you…


  218. Hi,I own a galaxy tab 3….Recently,It does not save the photos i take…Once i take them,it will save them temporally but after some minutes,they will be erased…Advise on what i can do to rectify this problem…Thank You…

  219. My samsung galaxy note 10.1 says “download unsuccessful” with every browser download. How can I fix this???! Please help

  220. I downloaded a wallpaper of Volkswagen GTI that is a sharp looking wallpaper. Problem is I can get rid of it, and I don’t recognize the app that keeps popping the wallpaper up. Even though I set the homescreen setting to none.

  221. When I am connected to any WiFi from my Galaxy S4 and I receive a phone call, when I answer the call, the person on the other end can not hear me. I always have to turn off WiFi to answer their call when the call back. It will sometimes freeze when I try and hang up so I can return their call. I can call out while connected to WiFi. I have updated my phone software but to no avail.

  222. I have a Galaxy s4 that is over a year old. I am told that the older phones are the lst to be updated. I currently have version 4.4.2. AT&T says only newer phones are going to be updated. This suggests I really don’t need a smart phone. Is there a way to down load around this. I downloaded Kies to do this but the setup flie will not execute.

  223. I am having major issues with my camera(Samsung Galaxy 4). I can take a picture & in a few minutes or even an hour later half of the picture is grayed out or it is a blank black square. I tried to back them up in cloud but even that doesn’t work. Yesterday was something new. The picture is in my photos but it is “the wrong format” so I cannot download it to my computer or facebook.

  224. I have a Galaxy S4 that I got a few months ago and today I noticed the facebook share button has disappeared from my photos. I just returned from an overseas trip where I kept my phone on Airplane mode and only used facebook when I had access to hotel wi-fi. Now that I have returned home and I am once again using my home wi-fi connection, the facebook share button on my photos is no longer there. I don’t know if the two things are related, but I never had a problem previously. I can post photos while I am logged into faceboook and I am on my own page, but not directly from the camera or gallery as I used to be able to do which was very convenient. I could go directly to a photo and click on the facebook share button at the top of the screen and I could share immediately. Not anymore. It’s gone! One other thing – I did not previously have a memory card in my phone and after taking lots pics and videos on my trip, I ran out of memory and could not take any more photos or videos. My husband got me a memory card and put it in for me so that I would have plenty of storage and be able to continue taking photos. I don’t know if that is in any way responsible and I don’t know what to look for if something has been changed in my settings, or even what the settings should be if that is my problem. I am new to smartphones, and not tech savvy at all, so I hope I have explained my problem adequately. Usually my husband helps me with problems, but his help is not an option right now and everyone I know has an iPhone, so I don’t have anyone to ask. Any help would be appreciated!

  225. Did a recent update and my texting does not predict anymore. I have reset and have the predictive texting checked but nothing seems to help me get predictive anymore on my messaging.

  226. I have a note 2 and my wife has a s3 I can’t text her but she can text me plus a can text everyone else I’ve tried resetting my phone but no luck any suggestions guys?

  227. hi, i was sharing a video on fb then my screen went black and it won’t let me do anything. how do i get my galaxy s4 back up and running again

  228. once again I am hoping you can help me sort out my multifunction which is all greyed out on my samsung galaxy note 8.0. wifi.

  229. does anyone know how i set up my phone to have missed phone calls changed into text messages

  230. My Galaxy S4 has a message box that wont go away? It says “Unfortunately, Twitter has stopped”. then you can choose Report or OK but it still doesn’t go away? I cant do anything with the phone? I turn it off, take the battery out, the message is still there?!

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