Android Market Poised For All Out iTunes War

Everyone has noticed that the Android Market has really grown up in the last few weeks.  Earlier this week we ran a story about the impending launch of Google Music based on a slip of the tongue from Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha. Now is reporting that the Android Market will roll out music, movies and books with Honeycomb Android 3.0 as early as this month when the Motorola Xoom releases to the US via Verizon Wireless.

To top that off, the guys over at Frandroid (some of the coolest Android guys out there) uncovered the photo at the top of this story while playing with the Motorola Xoom which clearly has a tab for books.

Earlier this week our very own 16 year old app editor Elijah Ketchum uncovered a url that 404’d in the android market. Most dismissed this as possibly just going to a music apps page, but why? There is already a music apps category.  Put it all together with the other urls that have cropped up and we have a whole Google-Tunes ecosystem budding.

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One of the best features of the new Android Market website is the ability to get an app either free or purchased and have it install directly to your device(s) via the cloud. There are countless ways this will prove useful when the entire Google Cloud system unveils. Some examples?

– You’re traveling and your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife isn’t and they ask hey did you hear that new song by xxxx, well if you haven’t they can get it right off the market and have it download to your device.

– Same thing goes for those of us worldly travelers that sometimes enjoy a virtual movie date, as geeky as it sounds sometimes crashing out in the hotel room and watching the same movie in real time with your significant other 1000 miles away is the best you can do…for that time. Something like a cloud based Google market makes it super easy.

The possibilities for a  cloud based market ecosystem are endless.  And it’s closer than you can imagine. Those fortunate enough to get advances of the Xoom have already reported that this system is in fact up and running.

Just another reason to get a Honeycomb Android tablet.

Source: Android Community and Frandroid

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