Android M goes official, emphasis on user experience

Android M

Android M has finally gone official at the Google I/O earlier today and there are a couple of interesting additions to talk about. The announcement of the latest update to Android was barely a surprise as its existence was leaked out a couple of weeks ago and a Google executive even confirmed it recently.

So what’s exactly new with Android M? Google is focusing on the user experience aspect of the handset and it’s quite evident from the announcement of the features.

Fingerprint scanning:

will now officially support fingerprint scanners by default, so we should see more manufacturers utilizing this feature on their smartphones. We can even expect the upcoming Nexus handset to sport this feature.

Android Pay:

Another feature that was made public was Android Pay as we discussed in the previous post and it will certainly come as a worthy replacement to Google Wallet.

Simplified app permissions:

The frequency of permission requests will be much lesser with Android M as the app will only have to be permitted once and it won’t ask you again. Google will also have an option in the Settings to revoke permissions if you so please.


This new feature will conserve battery on your device to a large extent. It comes into action when the phone determines that it is not in use and automatically switches off all the sensors on the device, which according to Google makes the device last 2x longer than Lollipop devices.

New volume control:

With Android 5.1, Google introduced what was supposed to be a slightly reformed volume control bar. But with Android M, the company will rejig this further, offering volume control for notification sounds as well. This will give you a bar for system volume (ringtone), media volume and a notifications volume. This feature has been available on some devices for quite a while now, but it’s good to see that Google is baking this into stock Android.

Direct Share:

This feature essentially remembers where you shared your content and with whom. Based on your sending patterns, Android will show the app service or contact that you share the most content with when you’re ready to send something new. This is a very minor addition, but will make our lives much better.

Google promises to add more features with Android M in due time and a preview version will be available for download over the coming days.

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