Android Homecoming & Announce $5000 Developer Challenge

Android developers get your developing caps on and come up with a really radical way to use’s facial recognition API’s and developer tools in the next big app  you create. Your idea could be worth $5000 dollars in cold hard cash a new phone and a new tablet.

Head on over to the website for complete details. The challenge is a 3 elimination challenge. In the first round you just need a rough idea in a 250 word summary. Round two requires you to actually build your app, it can be a rough version, and do a video demo of your app.

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The third and final round takes place in beautiful Mountain View, CA home to some company called Google. The five finalists will have five minutes for an oral presentation coached by someone who coaches VC pitches all the time, along with a chance to show off their completed app to 5 industry judges, the attendees of the Android Homecoming and a community based developer judge.

At the end of the night on Saturday September 24th some lucky developer will have $5000 to invest in marketing or advertising of their app, buy new gear, go out drinking or whatever they want. The two runner ups will also receive a current “Vanilla Android” Gingerbread phone and a current “Honeycomb” based tablet (OEM to be announced)