Android Game Spotlight: Zynga’s Dream Zoo

Zynga’s been in the news a lot lately, ever since their wild ride of an IPO. Now though, we’re going to take a quick look at one of their newest games to hit the Android Market, Dream Zoo.

Dream Zoo is very similar in ways to Animal Tycoon 2, that was recently released to the Android Market. In Dream Zoo you own your own zoo. The big difference is the animals are rare breeds, and imaginary if you will. Blue polka dot elephants and giraffes with chocolate swirls are just some of the animals you’ll get to raise, breed, and keep happy in their new habitat, your Android phone.

The animals move around the game in cool animations. You can keep your animals growing by completing mini games. You can even discover new animals by going on safari’s.

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Zynga touts a huge animal selection and they aren’t kidding. The game play is fun and can go on forever, like most of Zynga’s other popular games. Of course you can use real money to get more things or “virtual goods” as you can with every Zynga game.

The game does require wifi so it’s something you’re going to have to play at home, or heck in the nearest Star Bucks.

It’s a tycoon style game with a little extra flair, better animations and some off the wall animals. One of the commenters has actually asked Zynga for a cross-breeding function and we hear that it may be on the way.

For now though there are hundreds of animals in a variety of colors and features to choose from. Go ahead and start your Zoo with Zynga today.

Here’s the market link.

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  1. So… How would I transfer my game data from one Droid to my new replacement Droid? I’ve searched for days and no one seems to be able to answer. For this game, or any others.

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