Android Developers Soured by Multiple Flavors of Android

Ice Cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread and Jellybeans do taste sweet, don’t they? Well, it seems Android flavors are loved by the masses but soured by the developers.

According to a report, the multiple flavors of Android operating system and the incessant progression has created hindrances for developers. Most apps do not execute perfectly when the version of Android changes. With every new version, new class and system files would need to be created. There would be changes on how the data flows, how the events are triggered, how the data binds and how the data would be encapsulated.

There have always been issues with Android fragmentation. Instead of scooping ice-creams, Google serves them in a completely new dish. That’s where Apple’s iOS fares better. For example, if you develop an iOS application for iOS-3, the new iOS 5 is designed in such a way that it would work flawlessly even in iOS 5.

That is not the case with Android. Currently, the larger group of Android developers is working on Ginger Bread. An app developed for Ginger Bread won’t work particularly well in Ice Cream Sandwich or higher layer of Android OS. Developers do not expect upward compatibility, but Google should at least provide downward compatibility. In other words, an application developed for a lower version of Android should work glibly with higher version of Android OS.

Also many developers are finding it extremely time-consuming and difficult to update their app, every time Google releases a newer version of Android OS.

If this continues, Google would soon lose some of the elite App developers who would shift their focus to a more stable iOS model to render their services.

It’s naïve to say that Google’s Jellybean was not worth a release. However, Google needs to come up with a robust Android OS model which runs apps aimed at previous version of Android on the latest version of Android OS. There has to be compatibility and integrity, if it wants to survive against Apple in the app market.

What do you think should Google do? Stop making OS or start making stable OS?

Sink your thoughts in. We would love to hear.

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