Android Developers Appreciate Is Now Offering Free App Analytics Tool

Earlier this month we told you about Appreciate, your personal Android app store. With the Appreciate app you get recommended apps based on the apps you have on you already have on your #Android phone and apps based on what your friends like as well.

Israeli startup Triapodi has already had tremendous success with Appreciate, because of their “Appreciate Relevance Engine”.

Now they’ve opened up something very exciting for developers. Appreciate, for all intents and purposes, has opened up their backend for developers to see and organized it in an easy to understand and visually appealing UI that they call Appreciate STATS.

If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of people who have already downloaded Appreciate, you’ll agree it is a must-have free app that cuts through the clutter of the Google Play Android Market to help users get the most out of their mobile experience by delivering apps perfectly tailored to individual interests.  Appreciate is also the only comprehensive Social App Market for Android, empowering users to locate others within the Appreciate community, and to discover and install apps that are being used by people with common interests.

If you’re a developer, marketer or simply an observer of the Android world, making sense of the marketplace is often a crapshoot. Appreciate STATS, available for public use starting on or about May 21, 2012, provides exclusive, powerful insights into the Android consumer and individual apps based on the real usage of hundreds of thousands of Appreciate users.  Appreciate STATS goes far beyond rankings based on the mere number of downloads to deliver detailed, segmented information about the usage of the most popular apps and the efficiency of individual app pages.

Appreciate has opened up an unheard of amount of data for developers.
You can see the most popular apps, demographic data, apps that are like the most popular apps, engagement, even “Android Market Funnel” that gives developers a break down based on sex.

Appreciate also gives great data about devices as well. Like Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix report, Appreciate provides real data on handsets based on the handsets that download the Appreciate personal app store app and the handsets that then in turn download apps.  This can be very valuable to a developer because they developer will know which handsets they need to develop for.

The stats dashboard offers developers data filters as well:

Geography: North America, Europe and Asia
Age Group: 13-20,20-25,25-30,30-40 and 40+
Category: Multimedia, Lifestyle, Sports,Social, Health,Books,Tools, Travel,Shopping

As you can see Appreciate has opened up a treasure trove of data for developers. Data, that until now was absent from their arsenal.

Check it out today at  oh and did we mention it’s free?