Android Could Over Take iOS In App Downloads By June 2012

It’s no secret that with another new i-device, the Android vs iPhone was is in full frontal assault. While many people lined up last night for the iPhone 4S Xyologic  released some interesting new data.

Research from Xyologic clearly shows that iOS is the current dominant force in the app space. According to their research iOS did an amazing 494 million downloads to Android’s 279 million downloads in the month of August. However the current trends suggest that by June 2012 the tables will turn and Android will surpass iOS in downloads.

The study is quick to point out in some international markets like the Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal Android has already passed iOS. In addition to surpassing the amount of downloads in June, the 3rd quarter is also expected to see the number of apps even out between iOS and Android.

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The study points out that data from China may be off as many Asian countries use large secondary markets for app downloads. In the United States the driving third party app markets are GetJar and Amazon.  Apple of course doesn’t allow third party app markets access to iOS app store applications.

During this weeks CTIA Enterprise & Applications apps were of course a hot topic.  At a Wireless Industry Partnership event the vetting process for apps in the Android market was a hot button topic. Of course it’s widely agreed that the variety in hardware in the Android OS, while causing “fragmentation” will be the key to it’s success in the app ecosystem.

source: Taiwannews