Android AppShot: Flashlight Bat Signal


Have you ever wanted you’re own bat signal? Well thanks to the folks at Indiana Jones Design, you can now have one. Indiana Jones Design has just released their Flashlight Bat Signal App to the Android market, and guess what it does?

Yup you’ve got it, it lights a bat signal up using your Android phones LED camera. The better the LED flash on your Android phone, the better the bat signal projects.  Your bat belt won’t be complete without this awesome Android flashlight.

We have never written about a flashlight app, it’s really a waste of time it’s pretty simple. Push a button, use your phone as a flashlight. With this app though, Gotham City better watch out, there will be millions of bat signals out there soon.

As with any super hero tool, there is a price though, but you should be able to fit $.99 into your bat budget.

Here’s a market link 

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