Android App Spotlight: Life360 A Must Have For Any Family

When emergency strikes and panic sets in Life360 can really help ease your mind. Life360 is a suite of tools in one app that helps you locate your family. It also shows you what nearby threats could endanger your family, like severe weather and sex offenders. It even allows you to check in one time and show all your family members where you are and when your safe.

Over 4 million families already trust their lives to this amazing free app (there is a premium version as well). Life360 has been able to connect families with each other in the recent hurricanes and tornados in 2011. Meagan Merrill of Memphis TN said that Life360 ” is like an OnStar on my phone for everyone in my family. I love it!”

What makes this a must have? Find out after the break
 The free version of Life 360 has these features:
-See where family members are at any time with our GPS, Wifi and Cell Triangulation location technology

-View a location history breadcrumb trail for everyone on your account
-Check In with one touch to let everyone know you are OK
-Get help in an emergency with our Panic alarm. We’ll send a phone call, email and text message with your GPS coordinates to everyone on your contact list.
-See safety points in your neighborhood, such as hospitals, fire departments, and police stations
-View Sex Offenders in your neighborhood (you can turn this feature off if you don’t want your kids to view this info)
-Receive Monthly Safety Reports that let you know about new threats and resources in your area
-Communicate in emergencies with our Emergency Messenger technology. Our panic button can bypass downed phone lines giving you a lifeline to family members even if most infrastructure is down.
-Upload your family’s vital disaster information so you can be ready in a medical or missing person emergency

The premium version ties into locator services found on the four major carriers that lets you track your family members. Life 360 also offers GPS locator tags for just $99 a month and $10/mo access fee that you can tack onto your childs backpack, dog collars, or any other important thing or loved one and locate them instantly via GPS.

The free version alone is a must have so go download it now here