Coursera offers free Android app-making course

A free online Android app-making course is currently being offered by Coursera, a portal for massive open online courses from various universities and colleges across the globe.

Android programming course
Android programming course

The course, called “Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps” is taught by Lawrence Angrave of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

According to the description, the course is designed to be understood even by novices who do not have any background in programming. Its goal is to have students create an app for Android devices today. Under the course, the students will make use of free software tools from Google, Intel and Oracle, along with a minimum requirement of a computer running Linux, Windows, or Mac-OS X. An Android smartphone or tablet, however, is not required, as students will have access to a virtual device that simulates the environment of these devices. That said, such device will nonetheless be useful. As with many other Coursera courses, this course is composed of lecture videos, in-lecture questions, quizzes, and projects.

The course is divided into two tracks. First is the Android Developer Track, which is required for all students. This section began last December 2, and will end on January 26. Interested participants, however, may still join the class, as the course is still ongoing. Such part will introduce students to the fundamentals of app development, and later have the students create the app, without needing to write code.
Students who complete and pass this part of the course will receive a Statement of Accomplishment. Those who sign up for the Signature Track will get a Verified Certificate.

The second section is the Computer Science and Programming Track. This is scheduled to run from January 27 until February 16. An optional part, this will introduce students to more complex computer science and programming concepts. An Illinois badge, plus a Statement of Accomplishment or Verified Certificate will also be given once students pass this section.

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