Android App Developers Win Big in Sprint 4G Challenge

Sprint just wrapped up their 4G developer challenge. The Sprint 4G challenge was the first development challenge of it’s kind whereas Sprint asked developers to submit apps in five categories; entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking and multimedia. The unique twist is that Sprint wanted the developers to focus their efforts on harnessing the Sprint 4G network’s power.

The judges included executives from Sprint, editors at Wired Magazine and partners Reddit and Arts Technica.

And the winners are: (click the link in the description to download the app from appbrain)

Andrei Goumilevski, Tallahassee, Fla. – NASAImages
NASAImages showcases 4,000 space images from the NASA APOD site. Because the images are large, Sprint 4G enables customers to download them quickly.

Rob Miley, St. Charles, Mo. – Say What? Mobile Game
Say What? is the mobile version of the kids game Telephone, where one person whispers a phrase in someone’s ear and then that person would repeat what they heard to the next person. Once the game is complete, players can hear the beginning and ending phrase. Players are randomly connected to active games. Interaction with the app and the game server is frequent, so the Sprint 4G Network provides a fast and reliable Internet connection for optimal play.

Rajan Singh, San Jose, Calif. – Recipe Search
Recipe Search is a reverse recipe finder app. The user simply speaks the ingredients they have in their refrigerator or pantry and they will see a display of meals with directions that they could cook. Sprint 4G will reduce latency and deliver results quicker.

Social Networking
Carmen Delessio, Pound Ridge, N.Y. – BFF Photo – Facebook Upload
BFF Photo brings Facebook photos to the user’s phone. Consumers can use the app to view photo albums, friends’ albums and take and upload photos and videos. The app fully uses the bandwidth and reliability of the Sprint 4G Network to manage the connection to Facebook and the speedy media download to the customer.

Jason Shah, Chicago, Ill. – Mediafly
With Mediafly Mobile, users can organize and discover podcasts, audio, video, radio and streams from their Android phone. The Sprint 4G Network makes watching streaming video on this app easy and enjoyable.

Each category winner took home their choice of an HTC Evo 4G or a Samsung Epic 4G with a years free service, One year membership to the Sprint Professional Developer Program, an invitation to the Wired VIP party at CES 2011 and 50,000 cash.

Source: Sprint

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