Android and Samsung in Europe: Will We See infighting soon?

Remember that little discussion we had about Mozilla Firefox and their new OS? Well, that conversation is a major issue in the European market where they are not even planning to release in long after the system has become a success in the South American market. Why is that the case? That’s because the economy in Europe is about as good as driving a Subaru in a city full of Mercs. For the layman out there- the EU has a crap economy. When the economy is a problem you do not want to have people like Google and Apple taking all your money.

google and samsung

So this is the basis for today’s post. Why is Android losing its common touch?

The reason that people fell for Android to begin with is the fact that it was something new and flashy and you could drag shit that no one really knew about across the mobile screen. All that drove the world crazy. When everyone dove into the action the people at Google decided to do something. They subsidized the price so everyone can take part in the experience. That’s perfect for you and me but what about the big chiefs in the governments. They are facing a problem. Whenever someone from their nation develops a smartphone they can’t really sell it at a profitable price because they are competing with a Google phone that’s almost half the price. In that instance no money is going into the economy. So, what would a government official want to do about this? To explain that I have to go deep into Keynesian economics that most will probably not understand. Here’s the less than exemplary explanation. The people at the top will look to kick the market leaders out of their region by letting lesser corporations take root. Hence, you have the likes of Mozilla being given headway and support by many European corporations.

If this plan is to work then you will probably have a Europe where Android is nothing more than a, “do you remember?”

But you also have something else that threatens the existence of Android. When Google set up the mobile software they needed someone to pump it into the market because at the time they lacked the capability to develop smartphones themselves. After long consideration they turned to the likes of HTC, LG, and, unfortunately, Samsung. Why do I say “unfortunately”? That’s because at the moment Samsung is not only the leading smartphone manufacturer but also the world’s leading Android manufacturer. Yes, that causes some problems.

The problem here is the fact that Google can’t handle the competition that Samsung poses. Of course having Samsung spewing the Android smartphones all over the world is good for mobile-ad revenue (for Google) but how will the search giant ever make it big in the mobile market when every smartphone they develop is tramped by their “partner”?

All that the folks at Google can do is fuel the growth of such newcomers as HP in the hope that Samsung no longer has the lead. If the first position is still held by Samsung there could be a possibility of Samsung Galaxy without Android. What would Google do then? Only time will tell.


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