Android Activates 15 Million More Devices Than iOS Sold Last Quarter

From the “Oh boy, thedroidguy is going to get ripped for this one files…”

Silicon Valley is in an uproar today because Apple released their 2nd quarter earnings yesterday.  The highlight of their earnings calls included 28.57 billion in revenue, beating Wall Street’s forecast of $24.72 billion. Keep in mind Apple is in the hardware business and sells phones, tablets and computers.  The other big highlight was that Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones and 9.25million iPads. These numbers are definitely great for Apple.

Let us not forget though that a few weeks before Google’s 2nd quarter earnings call Andy Rubin said that Android saw 500,000 activations per day, and on the earnings call Larry Page said that Android was doing  550,000 activations per day.

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Now of course the naysayers are going to jump in and say “How many of those were re-activations from people who root or modify their phone”.  Let’s put this in perspective.  CyanogenMod, by far the most popular ROM by both experienced Android users and noobs, just reported that they have had CM7 downloaded 500,000 times which is amazing for Team Douche and those on the Cyanogenmod project. However in the grand scheme of things that’s less than one days worth of activations.

Let’s take on the “OS” vs “Hardware” debate, and to that, I am just referencing OS in this piece. It’s not the first time that Apple and iOS have been pitted against another OS.  RIM’s Blackberry OS has multiple devices and before they totally went in the crapper, Windows Phone was a multiple phone OS.

So take the Android ecosystem vs the iOS ecosystem and we’ll go with one of the comments from this piece

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