Android 5.0 update for the T-Mobile LG G3 gets approved


The T-Mobile version of the LG G3 could soon start getting the Android 5.0 update according to a new revelation made by the carrier. It is said that the update has already been approved, which indicates that the rollout is imminent. It is likely that the update starts rolling out to T-Mobile LG G3 users as soon as today, so users might be in for a surprise before the end of the day.

We’re guessing this is Android 5.0.2 here, although we won’t be surprised if T-Mobile sends out Android 5.1 instead considering that LG has this version of Android running on the LG G4 by default.

This information was provided by T-Mobile’s reliable Des, who usually provides information on device updates from his personal Twitter handle. Since the update has only been approved so far, we don’t have access to a proper changelog at the moment. But if the Android 5.0 update from other variants of the LG G3 are anything to go by, there will be plenty of LG specific UI customizations with this.

Source: @askdes – Twitter