Android 5.0 screen unlock hack leaves customers worried

Android 5.0 Lollipop

#Android smartphones have a variety of display locking/unlocking methods with pattern locking being one of the most popular. A few researchers at the University of Texas have now found a major loophole in Android 5.0 running devices that could let anybody through the pattern lock screen within a matter of few minutes.

It is found that using a large wall of text, users can easily force the smartphone into unlocking and opening the homescreen. The technique is very simple in theory but requires a lot of patience as it involves copying text from the dialer and pasting it back onto the emergency password section.

Once the text is copied, it’s as simple as opening the camera app (swipe right to left from the lockscreen) and swipe down the Quick Settings menu to enter the Settings. At this point, the device asks for an emergency password, which is where the user will have to paste all the copied content to force the device into unlocking itself.

This is a major security loophole which has supposedly been fixed with Android 5.1.1. But those running Android 5.0 are still believed to be vulnerable to this particular bug. Watch the video below to understand how this works.

Via: Ars Technica