Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS Rumored Delayed Release After Google I/O


This is an update from our previous speculation that originally reported Android 5.0 would be announced at Google I/O next month.

Google’s I/O 2013 conference is just around the corner and some reports are indicating that Google has delayed the launch of Android 5.0 ‘Key Lime Pie.’

According to a publication, Google is delaying the Key Lime Pie update to allow the manufacturers to update their devices to Android 4.2 first and make necessary changes to their upcoming smartphones for the next update. Previously it was observed that when Google released the new update, most of the smartphones were released with outdated Android versions, to tackle this situation Google has decided to push back the next update by 2-4 months.

Apart from this, there is a slight hint that we might actually see something new regarding Nexus. Yes, a new 32 GB Nexus 4 with LTE radios. It is also believed that this device will have an updated body design along with LTE Radio support.

Source: neowin

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  1. YES! please, at least removable battery! to satisfy 40 % of customers…what I know:
    1) about Nexus 4 know only more IT educated people (thanks to inferior marketing by Google)
    2) more IT educated people require removable battery and microSD

    but Google has a little missed their target 🙂


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