Android 5.0 Jelly Bean To Launch This Summer?

Digitimes is reporting that Android 5.0, which we know is being dubbed “Jelly Bean” could launch as soon as this summer. Digitimes reports that the next iteration of Android will feature a dual boot type system where you’ll be able to boot into Android or Chrome.

The newest version of Android is expected to be tablet focused, the same way that Honeycomb was. We’re not sure if it means that it will be locked down the same way Honeycomb was.

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Now our good friends at Pocketnow, think that a summer release of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is a long shot. They cite the December 6, 2010 release of Gingerbread, February 22, 2011 release of Honeycomb, and the October 18, 2011 release of Ice Cream Sandwich suggesting that a Jelly Bean release would be too premature for summer of 2012.

Another discredit to the Digitimes report is that having a new tablet-centric version of Android released so soon after Ice Cream Sandwich, would go against what ICS was designed for which was to bridge the tablet and the phone operating system.

Somewhere along the line though Digitimes thought they had enough good information to report this, so somewhere in this story is some semblance of truth, which part though we have no clue.

source: Digitimes via Pocketnow (img pocketnow)